The Need For Makeup Remover

Makeup remover is essential to get rid of unwanted makeup and to assist cleansing. At the end of every day, it’s important to remove your makeup to allow your skin the chance to breathe. This will help to prevent breakouts, skin rashes and other underlying skin conditions. It doesn’t matter if you prefer micellar water, creams or wipes, they all essentially work the same just some react to skin types differently. If your skin easily becomes irritated, consider micellar water. From dry skin, creams will word better as they also often contain moisturising properties too. They’re all easy to use no matter what type you pick.

How To Use Makeup Remover

The way in which you use makeup remover depends on the brand. They are all essentially the same method but some have a few cautions that others don’t. Firstly, test a patch of skin to ensure it’s the right product for you. Secondly, apply the makeup remover over your face, allowing it to soak for approximately 15 seconds. Thirdly, use a cotton pad or a face cloth to remove it from your face. Try not to press too hard as it can cause skin breakage. The may need to pay extra attention to the eyes, especially if you’ve used waterproof makeup. The fourth step is to then rinse your face with water, removing any access products and helping to clean the skin. Furthermore, we’d advise you follow up with exfoliating your face, or doing a proper cleanse.


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    Byotea Make-up Remover Face And Eyes 200ml

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    Byotea Bi-Phase Makeup Remover Face And Eyes 200ml

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    Modelrock Lipscrub with Lipstick Remover Vanilla Sunset

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