Salon Tanning Machines

If you’re a tanning specialist, you’ll know the importance of having reliable and fast tanning machines. You want something that will have an even finish across your client, without being too overpowering. Before starting the tanning application, ask your clients to exfoliate the night beforehand for a better tan. It’s also recommended that you apply moisturiser or barrier cream to dry areas like hands, knees, elbows, ankles and feet. Since these are commonly dry areas, the tan is more likely to take to these spots, leaving the skin highly pigmented orange tones.

Using Spray Tanning Machines

Most tanning machines are similar to operate. They have a small plastic compartment where the tan solution is kept. You’ll only place the amount that is needed for that particular client. Since each customer will have varying skin tones and needs, you may find there is no one tan fits all solution. Once you’ve added the tan in, test it on a tissue before using on your client. The tissue is highly absorbent and will show you if the gun is spraying correctly. Once you’re happy with the speed and amount of spray coming out, you’re nearly ready to start on your client.

Furthermore, be sure to see how the nozzle is facing on the end of the gun, this will determine the direction in which you will spray. If the nozzle is set horizontally, it’s best practice to spray that way also. Simply turning or adjusting of the dial will allow you to shift directions. The tan gun will need to be held roughly 30cms from your client.

Additionally, you can add to your service by adding a few disposable items so clients don’t have to dirty their own clothes. Consider stocking sticky feet, a hair net and disposable g-strings are commonly supplied when going for a tan. Client’s who are regulars may opt to bring their own goods, while those who have never been tanned before may not know what to wear so it’s best to be prepared.


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