Magnifying Lamp For Salons

A magnifying lamp is commonly used during certain salon services. Firstly, these lights are beneficial as they add additional light to the area of work. This is beneficial as it allows for fewer mistakes and more care to be undertaken. Secondly, magnification occurs, allowing you to work closely on an area. Each brand has different mag levels, but most offer around 1.75x magnification.

Desk Or Stand Mag Light?

There are a few options when selecting a mag light. You can opt to have one that is securely mounted to a desk or one on a stand. Both will produce the same quality of results, it’s just dependent on your space. Nail salons tend to have them fixed to a desk, as they are commonly used when working on cuticles. Services like lash technicians may prefer one on a stand, as they often like to move around to get the perfect angle. Waxing experts also tend to purchase a stand, as it’s less awkward in the space and isn’t always needed.

An Ergonomically Designed Magnifying Lamp

With a number of products on the market, it’s important to find the best item for you. Something as simple as the colour of lighting may be enough to determine the lamp you should select. Some have been perfectly fitted with LED lighting, meaning they are more energy-efficient and bright. Some people prefer dimmable and warmer lighting so it’s not as harsh when working near a clients face. Most of these lamps are lightweight, easy to move and are designed with the needs of the user in mind.


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