Electric Nail Tools For Faster Service

Electric nail tools are used to assist with the process of painting nails. It’s a known fact that nails can take a long time to dry, especially when multiple coats are involved. Items such as UV lamps help to speed up the process. This is beneficial to both the client and the technician, as it could take hours without these tools. Lamps are easy to use and aren’t as complex as you’d think.

Using UV Lamps For Curing

UV Lamps are primarily used to dry gel nail polish fast. There are a few versions on the market, all seemingly similar. They can be used for both pedicures and manicures, halving the time needed for the gel polish to set. Firstly, after applying the first coat of polish on all finger, you just place your hand under the UV lights, and after roughly 120 seconds, the timer will go off and the machine stops. Some lamps on the market also stop automatically when they sense the polish is dry. Secondly, apply additional coats and repeat the process. For the third and final step, seal the cuticle and moisturise, then your client is good to go!

Products That Require Electric Nail Tools

Not all types of nail polishes require a UV lamp. Gel nail polishes are the only types that require a lamp for drying. Acrylics, dip powders and regular polishes won’t dry any faster in the UV lamp. That’s because one of the key ingredients found in gel polish requires light to harden. Dip powders will require you, however, to use electric nail files to reduce bulkiness.


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