Style, Comfort, and Durability: Trademarks of AMR Hairdressing Basins

One of the best things about visiting a hair salon is having your hair washed by a professional. Hairdressing basins matter and customers notice whether you treat their scalp with gentle care, adjust the water temperature, or spend an extra few minutes on a massage. It all starts with a good hair wash done with suitable products and in an appropriate way.

Having a stable and comfortable hairdressing basin in your salon is important for both you and for your customers. For you, the priorities are functionality, durability, and efficiency. For your customers, comfort is the most significant attribute. AMR hair washing basins are of premium quality, offering all those benefits and more. Consider a low-key design paired with practicality, but also style and aesthetics. Keeping in mind the needs of various salon settings, we have stacked the AMR hairdressing basin assemblage with versatile products.

In the AMR basin selection you can find:

  • Stationary and portable furniture, convenient for ultimate salon comfort and mobile colouring.
  • Accessible, adjustable, and water-efficient shampoo beds
  • Compact units, as well as lighter variants with a longer hose for maximum mobility
  • Hairdressing basins with extra leg space and for all seasons
  • Stunning, yet simple deep bowl ceramic design that keeps your salon clean and neat at all times, regardless of how busy you are.

We understand that no two salons are the same – therefore, our selection can meet multiple criteria and the taste of many.If you want to impress your clients with a relaxing luxurious hair treatment, nitpicking about the comfort is out of the question. The Glammar Andromeda Shampoo Bed is one of our best options for going the extra mile for your clients. Produced in line with Australian hairstyling standards, the Andromeda will leave all your clients relaxed.


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Showing 1–12 of 14 results

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