AMR Work Stations and Cabinets

Salon work stations contribute to how much you love your work because it makes it simple and easy to do. Work stations are salon essentials – you can pull off styling without some salon accessories but not so without at least one station. Since work stations are important both for interior design and for functionality, it is wise to spend some time before you decide which to purchase.

How to Choose Work Station Furniture

Do you need more single stations or just one double station? How big is your salon? Can you allow for a central island station? Do you like many individual mirrors or you’d rather incorporate them in the work station? Do you prefer simple, smooth lines without extra decor? Are you in for the full glamour design? What will fit more – wood or metal work stations? How many hair tools, hair accessories, brushes, and colours you need to place in them? Will you do hair only or makeup, too? Do you have separate sinks or you like to have them in a compact piece of work station furniture? All these questions matter, and more, if you want to create the ideal layout in your hair salon.

Simple Elegant Pieces and Multifunctional Composite Stations

To help you find the work stations that serve a variety of interior design, personal style, and client needs, we offer a neatly spruced up collection of work stations. Here is what you will find included in our offer:

  • Work stations from brands like Glammar
  • Princess-style makeup stations in black and white
  • Single and double work stations
  • Work cabinets
  • Island stations
  • Compact barber stations

The very popular Belgian-style cabinet stations and mirrors are also a part of our choice. Even if you have a tiny space, our single station and compact pieces can help you do business while leaving more freedom for clients and your work. From the simplest natural wood tone work station furniture to eye-capturing white glamour desks and cabinets – we have a few pieces of each in the AMR online shop.


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Showing 1–12 of 35 results

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