The Difference Between a Barber Cart & Hairdressing Trolley

Deciding on a barber cart or hairdressing trolley really depends on you. It depends on the design of the salon and the needs of your business. Preference comes down to individual taste with some still opting for a hairdressing trolley instead. The barber trolleys only vary slightly. The design of a barber cart is a little more industrial, consisting of lots of metal and wood. They tend to have more of a masculine feel and generally have less draws. This is because barbers need fewer clips as most don’t offer colour services, just cutting. You’ll need to see which works best for your overall design and needs, then go from there.

Designing A Salon Using A Barber Cart

When you really like a piece of furniture, you may even find yourself trying to design your salon around it. We’ve made sure we have furniture to match. Pieces with rustic and industrial designs have been incorporated into the look, so you’ll have no problems matching. Add a waiting lounge, barber chairs, a few mirrors and a stocked salon trolley, then you’re good to go!

Stocking A Barber Cart

There are certain essentials a barber will need that should be well-stocked in the trolley. Consider including some combs and clips. For those with longer hair may require some layers. Scissors are a must-have! Think to include clippers, trimmers, clipper and trimmer attachments, as well as water spray, waxes, gels and neck dusters. You’ll love having the convenience of everything in one place, that can follow you anywhere.


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