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Hairbrushes make all the difference when styling a client’s hair. If you think you never have enough brushes in your hair salon, you are not alone. You are just the typical hairdresser who is always in search of well manufactured, handy, and beautiful hair brushes. To complement your existing choice of hairbrushes or to help you stock a completely new salon, we have selected dozens of professional hairbrushes for you. From reputable manufacturers, convenient for a variety of hairstyling techniques.

AMR Hair Brushes – Plenty of Choice for Hairdressing Experts

The point of a good brush is that it shows its long-term effect over time, so if you are inexperienced, you may get a couple of first times wrong. However, most hairstylists usually don’t fall into that trap. Simply because they know what a good brush is by the way it feels and works on touch. If you don’t get the chance to sense the hairbrush first hand, you may need to rely on the online description. At AMR, we make sure to include as many types of brushes and elaborate distinctively on their use, so that you avoid making beginner mistakes and are always happy with your purchase. We stock:

  • Tangle tonic brushes in black, sand marble, and rose gold
  • Smoothing brushes
  • Paddle hair brushes
  • Synthetic bristle brushes
  • Ceramic round brushes
  • Detangling hairbrushes
  • 5-piece brush pack
  • Hairbrush display stands

Check the product description to find out more about the purpose of the brush you wish to buy. In case you don’t have too many minutes to spend, this quick guide will help you make the difference among various hairbrushes.

Quick Guide to Hairbrush Selection

Paddle hair brushes with soft bristles work best for detangling voluminous messy hair. Round brushes cerate volume and are used for hairstyling, usually with heat. If you need to choose between synthetic and natural bristles, keep in mind that synthetic bristles cause less static and are great for thick hair. A teasing brush is good for finer hair. Pair brushes with appropriate combs for maximum styling effects, as you will need both to keep all your clients and staff happy.


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Showing 1–12 of 77 results

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