What Are Body Scrubs?

A body scrub works similar to that of a facial. Essential ingredients are used to help remove dead skin and tries to then restore the bodies moisture. Most body scrubs contain either sugar or salt to abrasively move dead skin when applying pressure. It also contains a mix of massage oils and hydrating properties too. Additionally, they are simple and easy to use, perfect for home use or the salon.

Stocking Your Spa & Salon With Body Scrubs

Many people decide to use body scrubs at home. Well, they try at least anyway. Those that do try and home will know it’s nearly impossible to reach everywhere on your body on your own. That’s why people turn to spa therapists, that and also because it’s relaxing. AMR offers a range of brands and types of scrubs, so you can effectively have everything you need in your spa. Some of the most popular types include sugar scrubs, sea salt scrubs and even coffee scrubs! Specialised for both men and women, you’ll be able to stock up on all the brands you love. Furthermore, we’ve got varying sized products so you can buy in bulk to save or shop smaller sizes to see for retail to your clients.

Benefits Of Body Scrubs

There are many benefits to using body scrubs. Not only do they assist in the removal of dead skin, but they also help to hydrate the skin. If done too frequently, it can have the opposite effect and see the skin dry out. It’s recommended to exfoliate and use a scrub before tanning for optimum results. The perfect skin has never been so close!


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Showing 1–12 of 35 results

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