Facial Kits For Professionals

Who doesn’t love a facial? It’s the perfect excuse to lay back and relax in silence while those special pressure points are being worked. They’re peaceful, relaxing and great for your skin. As a professional, you’ll know how easy it is to get through the stock. We’ve put together some professional facial kits made specifically for professionals. Large bottles mean that items will last longer and won’t need to be purchased as frequently. In addition to this, buying in bulk means you’ll save more.

What’s In Facial Kits

There are a number of different kits on the market. Each brand puts together an assortment of items that spa therapists commonly use. Our two most popular brands include Byotea and Vitaman. The vitaman facial kits include exfoliants, face muds, cleansers, face moisturiser, massage cream, rejuvenating serum and eye and lip treatment. It means you’ll have something stocked for a proper face cleansing which can last up to 125 treatments!

Why Is Caring For The Face So Important?

Facial protection is important to keep the integrity of the skin. If your don’t properly look after it, you may get skin problems such as acne, see a build-up of dirt and bacteria. It’s also aids in preventing signs of ageing if the skin is properly looked after. While facials are great at removing the dead skin cells and bacteria. It’s also important to have a good skincare routine. It’s important to teach that to your clients and offer them good takehome products for maintenance.


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  • Byotea

    Byotea VitaCity C+ Special Care SOS Stress Remedy Pure Energy Face Kit

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