What Are Facial Scrubs?

Facial scrubs are essential to any skincare regime. Their primary purpose is to help aid the removal of dry and dead skin, while also removing dirt from clogged pores. The tiny beads in the product help to exfoliate when massaged in. They’re great for clearing pigmentation and helping to smooth out the skin. They’re perfect for those for have excessively oily skin and can even be good for those with dry patches as it’ll allow for moisturisers to properly penetrate the skin. They’re easy to use and may only be needed once a week depending on your skin type.

How To Use Facial Scrubs

Firstly, apply warm water to your skin to dampen it. The hotter the water, the more likely it is to dry out your face so go for room temperature if possible. Secondly, gently apply to your face and lightly scrub for up to one minute. Only apply light pressure to prevent skin breakage, irritation or redness. Thirdly, rinse your face off and remove any scrub that remains. Finally, once your face has dried, then apply a moisturiser.

Facial Scrubs AMR Offer

AMR has a range of quality facial scrubs available. Pick from a range of leading brands such as Byotea and Vitaman. Suitable to most skin types with key active ingredients made for cleansing and clearing your pores and preventing buildup. They’re made for both personal and professional use. See our friendly staff today if you have any additional questions or queries.


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