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Barber Culture

Barber Culture Razor Shaper

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Benefits & Features

Do you struggle with super thick, coarse hair that constantly weighs you down? Then the Barber Culture Razor Shaper is the solution you need. This hair shaper tool or razor comb is highly efficient at shaping, shortening, and thinning hair all at once without needing to go to the salon. Also perfect for layering the hair to give it an edgy look.

An excellent choice for cutting off split ends. The hair shaper razor gives you a stylish wispy look. It s ergonomically designed handle allows for a solid grip and easy use. This makes it possible to seamlessly glide through the hair with the razor comb without snagging or pulling. Its lightweight, portable nature makes it a perfect traveling companion.

Versatile and flexible, the hair sharper razor also works great for trimming neck hair and beards. It is also an excellent choice for removing mats out of hairy cats or grooming shaggy-haired dogs.

Key Features

  • Perfect for shaping, shortening, and thinning hair all at once
  • Ergonomically designed handle which allows for easy use
  • Perfect for layering hair to give it an edgy look
  • Can also be used for removing mats out of hair cats or grooming shaggy-haired dogs
  • Wonderful at trimming neck hair and beards
  • Lightweight and portable makes it very easy to travel with

Is Barber Culture Razor Shaper For You?

  • If you need an effective solution for thinning out your coarse, thick hair without constantly needing to go to the salon
  • If you have hairy pets that need trimming

Directions of use:

  • Make sure your hair is slightly wet
  • Comb it with a regular brush or comb
  • Hold the razor at a 45-degree angle and place it at the area you wish to cut, thin, or texturize
  • Use short quick strokes, and light pressure when using the comb

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Customer Reviews

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Lynette O.

This razor shaper is perfect for shaping my short hair style at the nape of my neck between salon visits