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18 in 1

18 In 1 Blonde Intense Blue Treatment Mask 500ml

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Benefits & Features

Nature Friendly

Nature Friendly

Sulphate Free

Sulphate Free

An Excellent blend of Argan oil, Keratin and Amino acids, this intense blue treatment mask wipes out orange tones. It is a fantastic hair mask for blonde hair that brings immediate hydration to your scalp. It can tone your coloured hair and makes it softer with its Argan oil content. There is no fear of chemical damage as this blonde hair mask homemade ingredient has no parabens, salt and sulphate. This hair mask for damaged hair can benefit you in 18 different ways.


  • Keratin: Restores elasticity as it provides strength deep into the hair cortex.
  • Australian Kakadu Plum: Fruit with the highest sources of vitamin C and antioxidants
  • Argan oil: It conditions and provides a treatment that averts split ends, leaving hair soft, shiny silk.
  • Amino Acids: Restores damages within the hair cortex. Improves hair strength, moisturises and maintains hair colour.


  1. Moisturises the hair immediately you apply it
  2. Avert split ends
  3. It brings smoothness to roughened hair
  4. Add resilient shine
  5. Strengthen the hair
  6. Protects the hair from chemical injury
  7. Ensures treated hair remains hydrated
  8. It makes the hair silkier
  9. Shiner hair strands
  10. Better volume
  11. Excellent tensile strength
  12. Good hair moisture
  13. Prevent split ends or breakage
  14. Protect hair from UV rays
  15. Acts as a shield against environment pollution
  16. Refreshes and improves the protective layer
  17. Leaves colour treated hair moisturised
  18. Increase hair strength to lessen damage from chemical treatment

Is 18-In-1 Blonde Intense Blue Treatment Mask for You?

  • It helps to protect your hair from UV ray damage
  • Restores your hair's elasticity
  • Improves tensile strength of your hair

How to Use 18 In 1 Blonde Intense Blue Treatment Mask

  • Apply one pump to the palm and rub between both hands
  • From palm, apply on towel-dried hair
  • Spread evenly through each strand of hair from roots to ends
  • Longer hair may require more product
  • For best toning result, leave for 1 - 10 minutes

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