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AMR Professional

AMR Professional Premium Magic Towel Grey 10Pk

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Benefits & Features

The AMR Professional Premium magic towels are bleach-proof and measure up to 77cm x 38cm. The towels are available in various colours such as; light blue, purple, grey, dark blue, burgundy, and green. 

Now available in a pack of 10 in colours Purple, Dark Blue and Grey.

The magic instant dry hair towel is a great salon tool for wiping your hair dry. The magic hair drying towel absorbs wetness from your hair after a good wash.

It is soft to the skin as a result of its cotton and microfibre materials. Its portable size allows you to make use of it anywhere, any time. The AMR Professional Premium Magic towel for hair is ideal for a soft wipe after baths and a good swim.

The magic washcloth's microfibre nature makes it an effective cleaning material that is gentle on the skin and other surfaces. Aside from cleaning the body, the towel works better than other cleaning materials for sensitive surfaces. You can wash and reuse the magical towel, saving you money compared to other one-off cleaning materials.

The magical towel has better absorbent property when compared to other cleaning products. It comes in handy for wiping down surfaces in your bathroom, kitchen, or laundry, cleaning mirrors and windows, dusting off wood and tabletops, and evening shining down the stainless steel. The versatile cleaning towel comes in handy in everyday cleaning tasks and even in the salon as a magic hair towel.

Key Features

  • Contains Microfibre: this ensures total removal of water molecules from hair
  • Ease of Maintenance: You can wash this towel with general laundry
  • Bleach proof: does not get discoloured on contact with bleach
  • Large towel: family-sized towel measuring 77cm by 38cm
  • Keeps hair healthy and in good shape

Why Is This Product for You?

  • It is an instant-dry towel, which saves time on hairdressing processess
  • Retains its colour as it is bleach-proof.
  • The towel is soft and nonabrasive on hair and skin
  • Its portable size makes it possible for you to carry it along anywhere you go

AMR Professional Magic Towel Purple Direction for Use

  • Before first use, wash towel thoroughly (do not wash with light colours.)
  • Use vinegar to remove dirt build-up from the towel
  • Apply baking soda on the magic towel to eliminate musty odours
  • Avoid using fabric softener when washing towel as it may damage it
  • Air dry towel after use and store in a dry place when not in use.

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