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Bad Hair Day Salon Apron

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In the crazy world of hairdressing, our industry is full of insane discounting and snazzy salons.

You're never going to be the cheapest, or have the best salon fit out or even be the best hairdresser in the world. There will always be someone that can top you. It's true!

What we know is that clients ultimately choose stylists they like. As today's successful salon owners and stylists already know, the REAL key to building and maintaining a clientele is by ensuring that clients have a memorable experience every time they visit.

Getting clients in today's market can be hard so once you get them you want to keep them.
And you can keep them by being clever, being cheeky, making them giggle and create a memory of a visit they'll want to talk about with EVERYONE!

You need to give them more than great hair.  FROCK UP and create a talking point that is different.

  • Fully adjustable neck strap will give you complete control over how much protection your clothes require depending on the job, but more importantly, means you can get it off without messing up your hair.

  • 100% waterproof

  • 100% bleach proof

  • The frock is made highly durable, using a cotton backing and coated with a teflon/synthetic blend that is designed to protect your clothes.

  • As the slogans are in white, they will splat with tint colour, giving each frock its own unique look with wear.

  • Double stitching makes this apron highly durable, allowing you to save  money on constantly replacing bleach stained clothes, which allows you to spend that money on something more important – like alcohol?

  • Eyelets at the back, gives the opportunity for a more fitted look without having to tie it around your front.  After all, there is no point looking fabulous  if you look like you’re wearing a garbage bag!

  • Brass fixtures – because they look so much better than silver.... and they don’t rust.

  • H x W = 79 cm x 96 cm


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