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Barber Culture

Barber Culture Basin Comb

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Benefits & Features

Barber Culture is a top-notch comb made from high-quality material. Composed with plastic of high-tensile strength, it is a durable and lightweight barber-cutting comb.

Its wide tooth design prevents hair breakages, making it the perfect comb for thick and curly hair. It is a multipurpose barbering cutting comb designed for combing, slicing, and styling. It has widely spaced teeth, so it does not pull, tangle, or cause hair damage.

The barber cutting basin comb teeth are round at the tips, protecting the scalp from injury when in contact with the comb. Using this professional comb regularly improves blood circulation on the scalp, improving hair growth and health.

Barber culture basin hair comb is chemical resistant, making it ideal for combing hair during chemical treatment. It is perfect for evenly spreading shampoos, conditioners, and other chemical hair treatments, giving hair an even finish.

Key Features

  • Basin comb: Normally kept at the basin and ideal for wet hair
  • Best for evenly distributing shampoo, conditioner and other chemical hair treatments
  • Wide teeth easily detangle hair, making combing faster
  • Rounded tip teeth protect the scalp from mechanical injury when in contact with the comb
  • It is ideal for thick, long, and curly hair.

Is This Product for you?

  • It helps detangle and straighten hair
  • It reduces hair breakage
  • Barber culture comb is suitable for a variety of cutting processes
  • Wide-tooth design protects hair from breakages

How to Use Barber Culture Comb

  • Run the comb through hair from front to end
  • Repeat this process repeatedly until the hair is straight
  • Do not expose comb to excessive heat
  • Remove hair from comb after use

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