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Barber Culture

Barber Culture Micro Mister Spray Bottle 300ml

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Benefits & Features

Barber Culture small mist spray bottle is a 300ml container that amazingly releases the content inside. This fine mist spray bottle dispenses with an aerosol-like consistency. It does this without the use of pressurized containers and does not require conventional propellant gases.

This ultra-fine mist spray bottle enables you to apply moisture in small quantities so you can enjoy prolonged use. It has a wide range of applications and purposes, including cleaning, ironing, hairstyling, misting essential oils, and much more.

It is fitted with a pre-compression technology, which ensures the bottle dispenses a jet of mist that lasts for 1.2 seconds. With a fixed output of 1.25cc per second, this bottle dispenses its content consistently at this rate until it is empty. It prevents wastage as it has 98% water evacuation, ensuring you use every drop of liquid in it.

Key Features

  • Soft-touch: Gently squeezing the trigger releases a burst of fine long spray
  • Sleek design: Spray bottle is elegant and comfortable in hand
  • All-round spraying: It has a 360 degrees spray mechanism, ensuring bottle content is spread evenly
  • Multipurpose spray bottle: Used for various purposes, from cosmetology to agriculture.
  • Consistent spray: Well-calibrated spray mechanism releases its content at the same rate from start to finish.

Is This Product for you?

  • Are you tired of using spray bottles that utilize hazardous propellant gases? This is a better option
  • Releases its content at a consistent and even rate
  • Evacuates over 98% of water put into it, ensuring you make maximum use of available resources.

How To Use Barber Culture Micro Mister Bottle

  • Pour content into the mister bottle
  • Position spray nozzle so it faces what you want to spray
  • Pump the trigger

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