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Barber Pro

Barber Pro Wooden Neck Brush 1

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Benefits & Features

Barber Pro barber Neck brush is an essential tool in every barbershop. It is ideal for brushing the hair on the neck and face region. Barber brush duster has a flat base which enables it to stand erect when not in use. This neck duster brush has soft bristles that do not itch nor scratch skin on contact.

Made from synthetic fibre material, this barber neck duster brush is hypoallergenic. Barber pro neck duster does not cause any irritation to the skin. It has a high-quality wooden base with the company name beautifully inscribed on it. It is lightweight with an ergonomic grip, making it easy to use. This hairdressing neck brush has a curved shape making it anti-slip, ensuring it does not slip off-hand during use.

It is a multipurpose barber brush duster with application across diverse fields. It is ideal for use on adults, teenagers, children, and toddlers. While this hair duster brush is suitable for use on the face and neck, you can use it in other areas as well. Its soft bristles make it an excellent laptop duster, makeup applier, dry powder application for after spray tanning, and other uses.

Key Features

  • Barber Pro inscribed beautifully on the wooden base
  • Versatile brush for various uses
  • Perfect for exfoliating hair from neck and face without a scratch
  • Soft bristles ensure clients comfort during neck and face brush
  • Ideal for other hairstyling processes, including shampooing, grooming, perming, and colouring.

Is This Barber Neck Brush for you?

  • Does not irritate client's skin during hair brush off
  • Multifunctional brush with unlimited usage across diverse fields
  • Ideal for all ages and genders


  • After haircut, use brush to wipe client's neck carefully, using baby powder will help remove wet hair from skin
  • Remove barber's cape
  • Brush or dust again

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