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Be Curativa Purifying Kit

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Benefits & Features

Detoxygenating Purifying Clay 20ml

This clay treatment is specifically designed with anti-sebum detoxification and cleansing action in mind. Its greatest function is to purify the scalp. It has a rich synergy of active clays and essential oils—basically one of the best scalp purifiers out on the market.

Purifying Shampoo 150ml

Purifying shampoo is delicate and compatible with the skin of the scalp. From cleansing the scalp and hair with its properties to regulating the sebaceous glands jensen restoring the scalps natural bacterial balance, the Purifying shampoo strives to offer you great benefits.

Active Lotion 10ml

This specially developed lotion contains ozonised essential oils. It is blended to improve hair thickness. This lotion produces stronger, healthier hair with vitality as a result of stimulating the peripheral emo-lymphatic circulation.

Key Features

1.Detoxygenating Purifying Clay 20ml

  • Highly active clay
  • Essential oils

2.Purifying Shampoo 150ml

  • Derma-compatible
  • Comes in 150ml bottle

3. Active Lotion 10ml

  • homogeneously blended
  • Contains ozonised essential oils

Is the Be Curativa Purifying Kit for you

  • You get to enjoy the full dose of hair care from Be Curativa Purifying Kit
  • Be Curativa Purifying Kit is the solution to help repair damaged hair
  • It improves the hair health from the scalp to root all the way to tip


  1. Detoxygenating Purifying Clay 20ml
  • Before using Purifying Shampoo, make skin moist with water and apply the Detoxygenating Purifying Clay directly on the scalp
  • Gently massage head.
  • Leave it on for a few minutes.
  • After which, you can shampoo
  1. Purifying Shampoo 150ml
  • After treating the skin with Detoxygenating Purifying Clay
  • Moisten hair with water and apply a small amount of Purifying Shampoo directly to the scalp
  • Massage hair thoroughly
  • Rinse hair and repeat the application.
  • Leave on for a minute.
  1. Active Lotion 10ml
  • After washing the hair with Purifying Shampoo, apply the contents of the Active Lotion all over the scalp.
  • Gently massage the skin.
  • Dry hair (make sure you do not rinse)

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