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BeautyPRO Straight Edge Tweezer

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Benefits & Features

The BeautyPRO Straight Edge Tweezer was designed from premium stainless steel. The professional multipurpose tweezer features extremely sharp blades with perfectly aligned, pointed tips. This feature makes the tweezer highly efficient at removing even the finest of hairs.

Flexible in nature, the use of the tweezers extends beyond just the eyebrows, but can also be used on facial hair, nose hair, and even more. The sharp blades of the tweezers function with 100% precision and can grab even very stubborn hairs without breakage. The BeautyPRO tweezer was designed with durability in mind and can work effectively over long periods without fail.

The ergonomic handle of the tweezer makes it easy to use, and together with the sharp blades, it provides an effortless grooming experience.

Lightweight in nature, the tweezer makes an excellent travel companion. While suitable for personal use, it is also an ideal gift for your loved ones.

Key features

  • Designed from high-quality, sharp stainless steel.
  • The sharp blades of the tweezer feature perfectly aligned pointed tips
  • Multipurpose in nature: you can use on eyebrows, facial hair, nose hair, etc.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • The BeautyPRO tweezer last for a long time before the blades begin to dull

Is BeautyPRO Straight Edge Tweezer For you?

  • Efficient tweezer that is capable of taking care of ingrown and very fine hairs.
  • Multipurpose tweezer to take care of all kinds of unwanted hair such as eyebrow, facial, or nose hair.
  • Highly durable design


  • Wash your face to remove any makeup or lotions.
  • For optimal results, take a hot shower before making use of the tweezer. This opens up the pores of the skin and allows the tweezer to function effectively.
  • Sterilise the tweezer after every use.
  • Maintained adequately.

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