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GlamPalm Heat Resistant Glove

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Benefits & Features

The GlamPalm Heat Resistant Glove is a Professional heat proof glove designed to keep your hands comfortable when styling hair. This glove curtails the effect of high temperatures from styling tools like curling iron, hair straightener, or even a hairdryer. It also protects the skin from scalding that may result from direct contact with the heating surfaces of these tools.

This heat resistant glove is elastic, flexible and durable. These features make it suitable for long term use. There is also no discomfort when using the glove. However, protection is for instantaneous touch and not suitable for prolonged contact.

It is also an anti-static glove. This means that it can prevent the buildup of electric charge resulting from friction. The result: perfectly styled and static-free hair.

Key Features

  • It is heat resistant and protects your hand from instant burns. You can still feel the heat of the styling tools you use it with (if you touch a very hot surface). Otherwise, you are protected from burns.
  • It is anti-static, wear-and-tear resistant and versatile in function
  • It is lightweight, one size fits for all and can be used on both left and right hands
  • Used for flat iron, curling iron, hairdryers and other kinds of heat-using styling equipment
  • Its cotton composition of moderate thickness density makes it very comfortable and flexible to wear

Is GlamPalm Heat Resistant Glove for you?

  • It is easy to use and comfortable to wear. This is due to its material composition.
  • Its heat resistance can help prevent accidental burns due to carelessly touching the heating pads or other heated parts of heat styling tools
  • It can be comfortably used by just about any hand size.
  • Best used when styling hair with straightener, curler or other styling irons
  • Wash the gloves properly after use
  • After washing, dry the gloves and store properly after drying
  • Do not grip surfaces 250u2109 above with it for more than 10 seconds
  • Note that the main function of the glove is to protect against instantaneous scalding due to heated instruments and does not protect against prolonged contact.

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