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Mayamy Lash and Brow Protein Reconstruction Mini Set

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Benefits & Features

- Protein Reconstruction composition 1 Protein Lift MAYAMY (8ml),
- Protein Reconstruction composition 2 Volume Building MAYAMY (8ml),
- Сomposition 3 Silk Essence for eyelash and eyebrow MAYAMY (8ml),
- Сomposition 4 EYELASH CLEANSER for eyelash and eyebrow MAYAMY (8ml),
- Eyelash and eyebrow glue MAYAMY (5ml),
- Applicator for eyelash lamination and reconstruction (1pc),
- Silicone pads S 1 pair MAYAMY
- Silicone pads M 1 pair MAYAMY
- Silicone pads L 1 pair MAYAMY

This treatment gives a total lash reconstruction fixing lash damage based on protein.

This treatment adds, lifting, thickening, and fills in damaged lashes, aids is restoration of the natural structure and gives deep moisturising to the eyelash - this result is noticeable after the first procedure Protein Reconstruction Composition, the procedure is divided on 3 levels or stages;

The active component of the first stage - CYSTEAMINE - Is a derivative from the structural amino acid - and analog pf the cysteine protein.

A structural protein, from which the eyelash and eyebrows consist of. Cysteamine, along with cystine, participates in the formation of proteins that provide structural bonds in the cuticle of the hair, which are responsible for the strength of the hair.

Cysteamine acts as a restructuring agent - it replaces cystine, which is the main constituent of the basic structural protein of keratin and is responsible for strong molecular bonds between all the components of the hair. 78% of all human body hair consists from the protein.

Therefore, the procedure does not destroy eyelash and eyebrows, but, on the contrary, helps in recovery!

The composition for reconstruction of is used a the second stage of the procedure. The effect of is enhanced by the additional application of the keratin formation (the third stage), which serves as a sealing agent.

It helps to lock active components of Botox in the hair structure for a long time, which allows nutrients not to wash out so quickly and maximally restore and nourish the eyelashes. Instant results giving a 8 week lasting effect New Soft compositions based on Cysteamine interact with the protein structure of the eyelash themselves.

Due to the low molecular weight of the constituent substance, the structural bonds are not torn, but only temporarily stretched (up to 8 weeks), creating a lifting effect without harm to the eyelash and eyebrows.

HAS NO:- *Ammonia formula - Does not contain harmful acids *No restrictions n replying of the procedure *No unpleasant odour IT HELPS:- *Stimulate the growth of the eyelash and eyebrows 50min total treatment.

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