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Hawley Bondfast Acidless Primer 15ml

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Benefits & Features

Aussie Made

Aussie Made

Meet one of the most high-powered bond agents on the market. Hawley Bondfast Acidless Primer is designed to attach acrylic and gel enhancements to the nail plate. The extraordinary formula creates an optimal surface for bonding, ensuring the enhancements stay securely in place with less risk of lifting and peeling. Both professionals and beginners will appreciate the incredible results.

Unlike traditional primers containing harsh acids, Hawley Bondfast Acidless Primer is free from acid. This gentle approach reduces the risk of damage to the natural nails, promoting healthier and stronger growth over time. In addition, the acid-free formula is suitable for a wider range of clients, including those with sensitive skin.

Manufactured in Australia, Hawley Bondfast Acidless Primer is a testament to the highest quality standards. Local products are renowned for their stringent safety regulations, and this is evident in Hawley Bondfast Acidless Primer, which gives users a feeling of confidence in their everyday beauty rituals.

Key Features:

  • An exceptional bonding agent for nails.
  • Ideal for professionals and beginners.
  • Suitable for acrylic and gel products.
  • Helps enhancements to stick to the nail plate.
  • Reduces the risk of lifting and peeling.
  • Minimises damage to the natural nails.
  • Promotes healthier and stronger growth over time.
  • Does not contain harsh and damaging acid.
  • Sensitive skin may appreciate the gentle blend.
  • Follows stringent quality control measures and safety regulations.
  • Made in Australia.

Is Hawley Bondfast Acidless Primer For You?

  • A convenient 15ml size.
  • The instructions are easy to follow.
  • Made by a popular brand.

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Gets the job done

Love the consistency and it helps to keep gel longer on nails also damage less.