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Kiepe Scissors Diamond Series Designer 5.0"

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Benefits & Features

For a healthy working stance, the Kiepe Scissors Diamond Series Designer 5.0" features an ergonomically curved handle, finger holes, and finger rest, as well as convenient ring holes for an outstanding grip. The blade line stimulates freedom of movement and haircut competence. It also has a frameless design, a replaceable tang, and a high-performance lubricating oil, making cleaning and maintenance a breeze.

The Kiepe Diamond Series Designer is made of Hitachi 440, a 59.5 HRC ice-resistant Japanese steel. These scissors feature a diamond-shaped blade for even dry hair slide trimmings.

The 1 mm high "thin rat" screw featured in this piece makes it easy to regulate tension. It also spotlights the laser control for a perfect guarantee of the product. In addition, it is lightweight and portable due to its size of roughly 5.0"/13cm.

Key Features

  • It sizes up to 5" (13cm)
  • It features a Diamond-sharp slide-cutting edge.
  • This piece is ergonomically designed for a comfortable working position.
  • HITACHI 440 Japanese steel, ice-tempered in a controlled atmosphere.
  • Features 1mm high 'thin rat' screw to regulate tension.
  • It has a hardness of 59.5% HRC.
  • The razor's edge is excellent for sliding haircuts, even with dry hair.
  • Laser control on the finger rest ensures a high level of product assurance.

Is The Kiepe Diamond Series Designer for You?

  • It is relatively lightweight and handy.
  • It is ergonomically designed to encourage good working stance.
  • Razor edge ideal for slide trims.
  • Comfortable to use for a long period.
  • Make a style with your hair that you want to trim.
  • Cut out and shape to your liking with the blades.
  • Make sure to sterilize the scissors after each use.
  • Always make sure you grease the blades before and after use.
  • Store properly in a cool place.

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