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Limitless Accessories Trial Pack

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Benefits & Features

With Limitless Accessories Trial Pack, you won`t miss out on hairdressing essentials. There are plenty of tinting and colouring products inside, including Limitless Tint Bowl, Limitless Tint Brush Large, Limitless Tint Brush Small and Limitless Colour Comb. There is also Limitless Applicator Bottle and Limitless Colour Tube Squeezer.

The list of products does not end there. Easily separate the hair with Limitless Sectioning Clips, which are available in a sleek black colour. There are even six clips in the pack to maximise your sectioning power. As if that wasn`t enough, you can enjoy Limitless Professional Basin Comb.

While transforming hair is important for salons, advertising should not be neglected. Thankfully, this pack has got you covered. Limitless Material Banner is an eye-catching addition to any wall and comes with a thin rope for hanging. For countertops and coffee tables, we recommend Limitless Bond System A5 Leaflet Notepad. Clients can easily learn about the products used on their hair with these two products.

Key Features:

  • 1x Limitless Applicator Bottle 200ml.
  • 1x Limitless Tint Bowl.
  • 1x Limitless Tint Brush Large.
  • 1x Limitless Tint Brush Small.
  • 1x Limitless Colour Comb.
  • 1x Limitless Colour Tube Squeezer.
  • 1x Limitless Sectioning Clips Black 6Pk.
  • 1x Limitless Professional Basin Comb.
  • 1x Limitless Material Banner 1 (590mm in width x 1500mm in length).
  • 1x Limitless Bond System A5 Leaflet Notepad.

Is Limitless Accessories Trial Pack For You?

  • Enjoy all of these remarkable salon accessories.
  • Transform client hair and advertise your products.
  • Developed by a trusted haircare brand.

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