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Mermade Hair

Mermade Jumbo No-Crease Clips

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Benefits & Features

Hairstyling is all about taking control. If you're struggling when getting your hair ready, it’s time to try Mermade Jumbo No-Crease Clips. These pink silicone icons will keep every strand tucked in place. Plus, the large size means extra strong hold with less chance of your clips falling out, coming loose or shattering on the floor.

The advantages of Mermade Jumbo No-Crease Clips never seem to end. Unlike inferior clips, you do not need to worry about snags, creases and kinks ruining your look. Mermade Jumbo No-Crease Clips will maintain a smooth and sophisticated appearance every time. Simply slide into your hair and clamp down without disrupting the hair underneath the clips.

You probably have some ideas for Mermade Jumbo No-Crease Clips, but here is some more inspiration. We recommend using these clips for applying makeup, straightening, curling or creating complicated hairstyles. You can even use these as an accessory. The pastel pink colour is the perfect pop of colour for any type of outfit. The choice is all yours.

Key Features:

  • Take back control with these clips.
  • Secure loose strands and section the hair.
  • Perfect for applying makeup and hairstyling.
  • You can use them as an accessory.
  • A charming pastel pink colour.
  • A jumbo size for extra strong hold.
  • No snags, creases or kinks.
  • Maintain a smooth and sophisticated look.
  • Simply slide into the hair and clamp down.
  • Made from dependable silicone material.

Is Mermade Jumbo No-Crease Clips For You?

  • Pair with Mermade electricals.
  • Made by an Australian brand.
  • Developed by a popular brand.
  1. Section the hair as needed.
  2. Use the clips to hold the hair in place.
  3. The thicker the hair, the more clips you may need to use. The finer the hair, the fewer the clips you may need to use.

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