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Revlon Claw Clip Brown/Gold

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Benefits & Features

Practical and stylish. These two words perfectly describe Revlon Claw Clip Brown/Gold. The high-quality hair accessory is perfect for holding large amounts of hair away from the neck and face. The wide spring jaws of the claw sink gently into the hair without pulling or tearing at loose strands. Best of all, Revlon Claw Clip Brown/Gold takes only seconds to use.

The colour and pattern of the accessory is another major perk. Revlon Claw Clip Brown/Gold features an attractive gold-brown colour with bonus stripes. This design is certainly an eye-catching addition to any type of updo. Simply press down on the handle of Revlon Claw Clip Brown/Gold and secure over the hair to show off your new accessory.

Revlon Claw Clip Brown/Gold is not the only hair accessory from Revlon. One of our other favourites is Revlon Floral Clear Stone 2Pc, which is covered in sparkling stones that catch the light while keeping stray strands of hair in place.

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Key Features:

  • A practical and stylish claw clip.
  • Hold large amounts of hair away from the neck and face.
  • The wide spring jaws will minimise the risk of breakage.
  • Reduces pulling or tearing at loose strands.
  • Takes only seconds to use.
  • An attractive gold-brown colour.
  • Features a striped design.
  • Press down on the handle of the claw.
  • Pair with Revlon Floral Clear Stone 2Pc.

Is Revlon Claw Clip Brown/Gold For You?

  • Made from durable materials.
  • Developed by a popular brand.
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