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Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet Odyssey Dryer 1800W - Black

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Benefits & Features

The long and exhausting odyssey is over. Silver Bullet Odyssey Dryer 1800W - Black allows you to dry and style hair without the usual fuss. This exceptional hairdryer has been described using three enticing words: powerful, lightweight and ergonomic. Do not miss the chance to learn more about Silver Bullet Odyssey Dryer 1800W - Black.

The success of this hairdryer is primarily owed to the technology. The DC motor inside Silver Bullet Odyssey Dryer 1800W - Black offers 1800 watts of power. The unlimited airflow settings are also invaluable during drying and styling. Despite the extreme power levels, the auto cut-out feature will maximise your level of safety and comfort.

There are many more surprising facts to learn about Silver Bullet Odyssey Dryer 1800W - Black. One of our favourites is the chance to modify your experience using the three heat and cool settings. No matter what setting you choose, you can rest easy knowing the ceramic surface of the hairdryer will use negative ions to encourage a faster and more lustrous final result.

Key Features:

  • A powerful and lightweight hairdryer.
  • Suitable for all types of hair.
  • Enjoy the compact, ergonomic and perfectly balanced design.
  • The DC motor offers 1800 watts.
  • Take advantage of the unlimited airflow settings.
  • There are three heat and cool settings.
  • The ceramic surface emits negative ions for smooth and shiny results.
  • There is an auto cut-out feature for safety.
  • Includes one concentrator nozzle and one diffuser.

Is Silver Bullet Odyssey Dryer 1800W - Black For You?

  • A practical and stylish hairdryer.
  • Made from high-quality materials.
  • Developed by a popular company.

For optimal results, begin by adding shampoo and conditioner to the hair. The next step is rinsing and detangling with care.

You can dry the hair using the concentrator nozzle supplied with the hairdryer. If you are using the radial brush for drying, start with one section of the hair at a time. Wind gently around, or partially around, the brush. While letting the hair glide over the brush, apply air from the hairdryer at the required temperature. Repeat until dry.

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