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SNS GelStar Mastermatch Duo #WW01 Luge

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Benefits & Features

The choice is yours! Now you can perfectly combine stunning colours with SNS Nail Lacquer and GelStar... it's a match made in heaven for manicures and pedicures!

Recommended use for GelStar: Prep the natural nail with SNS EA Bond. Apply 1 thin coat of SNS Gelstar Healthy Basecoat and cure. Apply 1 thin coat of colour and cure, repeat one more layer and cure. Finish off with SNS GelStar Ultra-Shine Topcoat and cure.

Recommended use for Nail Lacquer: Push back cuticles, apply a thin layer of natural basecoat and then apply one thin stroke of nail lacquer down the center of the nail, followed by one stroke along each side of the nail. Repeat for second coat and then seal off with any natural topcoat. Allow to dry approximately 10-15 minutes.

- Over 2 weeks worth of durable wear
- Easy-to-apply which gives you gorgeous nails with no skills required
- All applications helps each nail grow stronger and healthier with added Vitamins and calciums
- GelStar polishes are compatible to use with SNS GelStar Basecoat & Topcoat and no wiping required
- Nail Lacquer polishes are compatible to use with any natural basecoat and topcoat.
- Made in US


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I'm so happy that I found this color. It looks so elegant and attractive. Easy to use.