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Uppercut Quiff Roller Brush

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Benefits & Features

Uppercut Quiff Roller Brush is designed to add more height and volume to your quiff, more lift to your pomp and more air in your hair. It is perfectly sized with ball-tipped bristles well spaced for easy air circulation and to prevent pulling hair.

Perfect to use with a hairdryer to set your quiff before adding your favourite uppercut Deluxe product to finish your style. The rubber non-grip brittles make lifting seamless without pulling or hurting the scalp

It is suitable for styling short hair and great for drying, curling & straightening. Designed specially to give lift to limp hair, this deluxe roller gives you an amazing pompadour.

Its durable handle makes using this roller brush easy, comfortable and safe. Adds a huge lift to your hair and works well with a hairdryer to give your quiff an amazing volume. Heat-Resistant so it does not damage as a result of heat from a hairdryer.

Key features

  • Ball tipped spaced for air circulation and to prevent pulling. It has Portable brittles that lift hair seamlessly without pulling hair or causing damage to the scalp.
  • Rubber non-slip grip for easier glide and better control.
  • Suitable for adding lift or creating perfect pompadour. This high-quality roller brush was designed to give your quiff the amazing height and volume you desire.
  • Works excellently for beard grooming.
  • Portable handle and perfectly sized for easier glide and better Control.

Is The Uppercut Quiff Roller Brush For You?

  • An ideal brush to add more height to your quiff.
  • Suitable for styling short hair and is best used with a hairdryer to set your hair in place.
  • Grabs hair perfectly and does not pull hair or hurt the scalp.
  • Perfect for drying, curling and straightening short hair.

  • Apply a small amount of hair moisturiser or hair cream on your damp hair. Work the cream through the hair.
  • Define your part line neatly with comb
  • Use a hairdryer to start drying your hair.
  • Use the Quiff Roller to maintain the defined part. Direct the airflow in the direction you want your hair to lay.
  • Use the Quiff Roller to add more lift to your quiff
  • Use a comb and your hand to smooth into shape as desired.

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