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Vitafive CPR

Vitafive CPR 311R No Rinse Perm Resistant

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Benefits & Features

Original No-Rinse Technology

Excellent for traditional perming, spiral perms, root perms, finger waves, barrel curls, body waves, spot perming and stack perming. A comfortable service that prevents aching necks. Save an average of 100 litres of water with every service. Clients can shampoo and colour hair immediately after the service is completed.

  • Low pH level and is environmentally friendly.

  • Three Strengths available.

FS (Fine and sensitive)- Fine hair types, sensitised hair from highlights, colour or chemical services.

N (Normal)- Even porosity, not chemically damaged.

R (Resistant)- Coarse, thick and grey (White) hair.

Kit Includes:

  • 311 Porosity Equaliser - Use before the perming process to even the porosity of the hair, improving manageability and strength.

  • 311 perm solution 311 rebonding neutraliser - Original patented No-Rinse technology, use perm solution to begin the process. Use the neutraliser to immediately stop curl formation.

  • 311 Oxygen Creme Reconstructor - Intelligent conditioning treatment. Finalises the perming process, removes excess odours and seals and smooths the cuticle.

Professional Use Only
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