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Wildcolor 12.3 SSG Extra Super Platinum Golden Blonde

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Discover your wild side!

Let us introduce you to a new precision dye technology to Australia, Wildcolor, made in Italy. Wildcolor has unique items infused with special oil edition that makes it one of the industrys most innovative collections, consisting of 151 new shades including naturals in a mega-sized 180 ml tube.WithArgan, macadamia oil, olive, jojoba and the addition of the Helichrysum Italicum.

Be yourself, be wild.
PRELIMINARY STAGES:Before starting the colour application you should determine the natural level of the hair, the percentage of grey and their texture and porosity. Then, determine the level you wish to achieve and therefore if you are going darker or lighter, considering if you are covering or blending grey as well. After that, determine the desired tone. Is it warm or cool? The final result is a combination of the artificial dyes in the cream and natural underlying pigmentation of the hair. Finally, determine the volume of developer you need for the application: 10 volume (3%) - For darkening by one level or dyeing bleached hair. 20 volume (6%) For dyeing hair tone on tone, covering grey hair or lightening by one level. 30 volume (9%) - For medium lightening(1 to 2 levels). 40 volumes (12%) - up to 2-3 levels lighter. If a lightening cream of 3-4 levels is needed, use the shades from the Superlift series.PREPARATION:In a non-metallic bowl, mix one part of cream and two parts of Oxidizing Emulsion Cream (1:2). When using shades from the Superlift series, mix one part of cream and three parts of Oxidizing Emulsion Cream (1:3).APPLICATION:Always use on dry and not washed hair. Always wear gloves and divide the hair in four sections.FINAL TREATMENT:When the development time is over, rinse the hair delicately and thoroughly with lukewarm water and shampoo with an after colour shampoo (pH 4.5).

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