Get Ready For Autumn With These 31 Copper Hair Colours & Dyes

Get Ready For Autumn With These 31 Copper Hair Colours

Feb 06, 2024Sharnee Rawson

Are you ready for autumn?

This season is filled with falling leaves, warm drinks and pumpkin spice. It's also the perfect time to upgrade your hair to suit the mood. This year, everyone is leaning into the autumn colour palate with copper hair.

If you're ready to commit, take a moment to read this comprehensive guide. You will learn how to create and maintain all types of copper hair.

Best of all, you can choose from more than 30 variations. 



How To Create Copper Hair Using Dye

Copper hair doesn't need to be impossible. Yet, the level of difficulty means visiting a salon is essential. Professionals can get started by exploring our wide range of copper dyes, colours, bleaches, peroxides and more.

Here are the steps you can expect in a salon: 

  1. The first step is protecting the skin and clothes. You can cover vulnerable areas by wearing gloves and placing a towel around the shoulders.

  2. Anyone with naturally light blonde can skip this step. However, darker hair will need bleach and peroxide, which should be mixed according to the packaging. 

  3. Use the tail end of a comb to separate the hair into sections. Remember to clip up the sections you don't need to avoid confusion.

  4. Each section of the hair should be evenly coated in a bleach mixture using an applicator brush. Finish by applying a cap to speed up the process.

  5. Once the hair is the correct shade, you can wash away the bleach mixture.

  6. Remember to shampoo, rinse and dry. 

  7. Prepare your chosen copper dye using the instructions on the packaging. Then, apply to sectioned hair. 

  8. Wash and dry the hair after the colour settles.

  9. Rinse away and show off your copper hair!


How To Maintain Healthy Copper Hair 

By beginning with a healthy base, you can expect better results after your salon appointment. This means less risk of dryness, breakage and damage creeping into the hair. 

Get started with these simple recommendations:

  • A few days before bleaching and colouring, you should not wash your hair. This allows natural oils to build and shields from harsh chemicals.

  • Before and after your appointment, avoid damage from the sun and heated styling tools.


31 Ideas For Copper Hair Colour



1. Light Copper Hair

Nobody can deny trying copper hair is intimidating. If you're unsure about the bolder options, we recommend starting with a less intense shade. 

Light copper hair is perfect for anyone seeking a new look without the shock factor. If you have blonde hair, this change won't be too dramatic, especially if you lean into a strawberry blonde shade.



 2. Classic Copper Hair

When most people imagine copper hair, this is the result. It's no wonder celebrities are going crazy for this bright shade. During autumn, you will be twinning with all the orange, red and golden leaves. 




3. Dark Copper Hair

Are you wondering if light copper and classic copper are too perky? It's time to meet a darker version. Anyone with deeper skin tones will particularly suit this type of copper hair.




 4. Brown Copper Hair

Copper hair doesn't get much darker. If you don't want to completely bleach your dark brown hair, we recommend adding hints of copper over the top. This will create a reddish effect without a high risk of damage.




5. Curly Copper Hair 

There's no reason women with curly hair can't join the trend! You can embrace your inner Brave by showing off this stunning transformation. 

Just keep in mind curly hair is prone to dryness, especially after colour treatments. Use plenty of hydrating and moisturising masks to counteract the effects.




6. Coiled Copper Hair

Like curly hair, you can add copper dye to the tightest types of coils. Just remember to use moisturising masks to minimise dryness and boost optimal levels of moisture.




 7. Copper Braids

Are you ready to make a statement?

Copper braids will make heads turn whenever you walk into a room. In addition, you can ask your hairdresser to get creative with the scalp pattern and braids during your appointment.




 8. Copper Dreadlocks

Is there anything bolder than copper and dreadlocks together?

Although the thickness of this hair type makes maintaining colour challenging, you might find the final result is worth the long and complex transformation.




9. Short Copper Hair

There are endless examples of long copper hair on the list. Now, you can view the shorter version too. 




10. Blonde Highlights

What if you could replicate soft autumn sunlight on your hair? Well, blonde highlights will make your dream come true. 




11. Copper Highlights

Alternatively, what about copper highlights?

If you're not interested in a full head of copper, this is the perfect compromise. Medium brown, dark brown or black hair makes these firey streaks "pop" more than usual.




12. Lighter Ends

Nothing is more autumnal than flickering candlelight. You can re-create the appearance of warmth and movement by lightening the ends of the hair.




13. Lighter Tips

If you want to add the slightest burst of colour, we have a recommendation: lightening the tips of the hair. This could be a great foray into the wonderful world of dye for anyone with virgin hair.




14. Root Shadow 

Roots require constant retouching at the salon... or maybe not.

Root shadows involve blending darker roots into lighter mids to ends. This creates a smooth look with less need for maintenance  regrowth will simply join the root shadow.




15. Copper Roots

By adding copper to the roots, you can take an ordinary colour to a whole new level. Just remember to retouch your roots with extreme frequency.




16. Blocked Fringe

This could be your next favourite hairstyle if you have a fringe. No matter your base colour, everyone will be showering you with compliments after your transformation.




17. Sectioned Fringe

Another variation of the blocked fringe is the sectioned fringe. You can mix and match the colours depending on your needs. Whether the section or base is copper, you will adore the final result.




18. Blonde Money Pieces

You've probably seen money pieces all over TikTok and Instagram. You can choose subtle frames for your face, or you can make a splash using an extreme contrast. Our top recommendation is pale money pieces on any shade of copper hair.




19. Pink Money Pieces

You've probably heard pink and orange shouldn't mix. Well, we're here to turn the tables. It's hard to deny these pink money pieces look incredible on the dark copper base.




20. Pumpkin Pie Money Pieces 

Traditionally, pumpkin pie belongs in America, but there's no reason you can't join the craze! The blend of orange, white and brown money pieces will summon feelings of cosiness on chilly autumn days.




21. Peekaboo

Do you love your current base, but you just want to... dabble with another colour? A peekaboo could be the answer.

Whether you have a copper base or copper peekaboo, the choice is all yours.




 22. Underdye

An underdye means the layers on top and underneath are completely different colours. Although this combination of black and copper is impossible to ignore, there are endless variations to explore.




23. Split

Another popular trend on social media is the split. This involves adding a different colour to either side of the hair, which is copper and pale blonde in this case. 

We suggest using a tail comb to keep the colours separated as much as possible.




24. Two Tone Ombre 

Have you ever wanted to look like you're bursting into flames? Now you can with the two tone ombre. The effect is particularly stunning when copper dye is added to the mids and ends of the hair.




25. Three Tone Ombre

Now, here is a hairstyle you don't see every day! This triple ombre gives you the best of three different worlds... with plenty of copper, of course.




26. Aperol Spritz

This hairstyle takes inspiration from a drink: aperol spritz. The top is a mix of coral and red, the middle is coral and the ends are yellow. You can find them all from Celeb Luxury.




27. Firelight

As if copper hair wasn't already flame-like, we want to introduce firelight. 

This style uses a wide range of different dyes, including red, orange and yellow. There is even a touch of blue around the roots.



28. Streaks 

Streaks have a bad reputation for being, well... streaky. This doesn't need to be the case. You can avoid a disorganised appearance by regularly visiting your salon. After all, do you really want to miss the endless possibilities of streaks?




29. Copper Rose 

This colour is for the rose admirers out there. The perfect blend of copper and rose is enough to make anyone swoon.




30. Neon Copper

Is normal copper too boring? Well, you need to try the neon version. This brilliant colour can probably be viewed from outerspace.




31. Neon Cherry 

Although this leans more "red" than "copper," we couldn't resist adding neon cherry to the list. And who can blame us?


FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Will Copper Hair Suit Me?

Copper hair is less intense than red or orange. This means most skin tones are appropriate for this incredible colour.

If tweaks are needed, remember warm skin tones suit warm hair and cool skin tones suit cool hair.


Will Copper Hair Dye Cover Brown?

Unless you want brown copper hair, you need plenty of bleach before adding dye. This creates a perfect canvas to show off copper hues.


How Does Copper Hair Dye Fade?

Copper hair needs retouching every four to six weeks. If you fall behind, the dye can fade into a blonde or strawberry blonde pretty quickly. Of course, this isn't necessarily bad!


Is Copper Hair Dye Hard To Maintain?

We admit copper needs frequent TLC. As copper molecules are larger than others, you will find it doesn't deeply penetrate the cortex of the hair. This means fading can happen quickly. 

To maintain this incredible colour, remember to minimise wash days and maximise retouching at the salon. 

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