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Get to Know Limitless Hair Colours & Creme Developers

Aug 23, 2023Sharnee Rawson

Keeping up with the latest colour technology is essential for any hairdresser. With so many colours on the market, it's hard to know what colour is the most precise and sustainable.

Thankfully, we have discovered an up-and-coming brand without limitations for colour.

Get to Know Limitless

Limitless is a brand offering 100% intermixable colour. Mix and match the 100+ shades in this range based on the needs of your clients. Easily pair Limitless Colour with one of six Limitless Creme Developers to create lasting permanent colours. Complete customisation has never been so achievable.

After reading this brief blurb about Limitless, you probably have a few questions. Maybe you’re wondering if the brand is too good to be true, or perhaps you’re wondering where to purchase the products.

We will answer all the most important questions below, including:

  • What key ingredients are inside Limitless?
  • Does Limitless Creme Developer contain fragrances?
  • Does Limitless Creme Developer contain ammonia?
  • Is Limitless vegan?
  • Is Limitless cruelty-free?
  • What are the best colour creams from Limitless?
  • What are the 6 different strengths of Limitless Creme Developer?

Keep reading to discover the answers to these essential questions about the brand Limitless. 

Limitless Hair Colour Ingredients

It’s important to talk about the main active ingredients in our colours because then we understand how it fully effects the external and internal parts of the hair.

Limitless is created by hairdressers so its formula is supercharged with plenty of nourishing ingredients. These help to keep the hair healthy during a colour service leaving incredible even, stable, and shiny results.

Kakadu Plum

Kakadu plum is one of the most nutrient-rich ingredients on the list. Found inside Limitless Colour, this Australian native has been used as a source of food and medicine for thousands of years.

The perks of this plum are extensive. For instance, did you know Kakadu plum contains the highest concentration of vitamin C in the world? Meaning it assists in creating and maintaining collagen and elastin in the hair. The fruit is also filled with antioxidants protecting against free radical damage caused by the sun, pollution and environmental toxins.

The extensive list of benefits makes Kakadu plum an ideal hair care supplement, especially during a colour service. Enjoy moisturisation, hydration and shine from Kakadu plum.


Bisabolol is another addition to Limitless Colour. A

s an active ingredient in chamomile, the high panthenol concentration supports the scalp with anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory properties to reduce irritation with colour and improve dry and flaky skin on the scalp. This active ingredient supports the healing process of the hair and scalp during and after colour while also improving comfort during the colour service.

Does Limitless Creme Developer Contain Fragrances?

No, Limitless crème developer is fragrance-free. We all love nice fragrances, but the reality is that these can cause more irritation than benefits when being used in a chemical service.

With allergies becoming more common these days, Limitless Australia decided to create Developers with no added fragrances

Does Limitless Colour Contain Ammonia?

Limitless illuminates colour contains ammonia. However, ammonia-free doesn’t mean damage free. Ammonia is the best driving agent to obtain vibrant and stable colours.

It actually protects the hair structure better and stops oxidising at a certain point. Therefore, the Limitless Illuminates colours contain ammonia.

Is Limitless Vegan?

One of the best features of Limitless is the vegan colour range. Limitless Colour does not contain animal-based ingredients, which reduces the chance of irritation for anyone with allergies. In addition, you can colour without guilt. This colour range is also wheat free so perfect for anyone with gluten allergies.

Is Limitless Cruelty-Free?

Not only does Limitless offer vegan formulas, but 100% of its products are cruelty-free. Never worry about the ethics of your favourite hair colour brand again with Limitless you can have full confidence in them as a company and the products they produce.


The Best Colour Cremes From Limitless

The main question when considering new hair care options is whether the products work. Thankfully, Limitless Colour is a true winner. 

The advanced colour cream can be used to create permanent hair dye, achieve maximum grey coverage, and obtain intense hues when used in conjunction with the appropriate Limitless Creme Developer. Most of the range is inter-mixable for limitless colour creations – hence the name! 

In addition, every colour service will result in vibrant, healthy and glossy hair. The balanced micro-pigments will ensure the colour you have created will last for a longer period of time. Healthy and versatile colour-treated hair has never been easier.

Now, let’s choose a colour!

Blonde Hair Colour

Blonde hair is the most popular hair colour in the world. Many people attributed the popularity of the shade to the original blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe. Now, the colour is seen as the perfect way to elevate fairer complexions. With 85% of the population having naturally black hair, choosing a fairer shade is a way to stand out but quite the task for professional colourists.

Limitless understands the popularity of blonde hair, which is why they offer every possible shade of blonde. We have curated our favourites down below.

Limitless Colour 10.102 Platinum Lightest Ice Blonde — A pure clean Blonde that gives shine and a soft tone. So popular in the Limitless range it sold out after only being out on the shelves for two months.

Limitless Colour 10.0 Platinum Natural Blonde — Enjoy a classic platinum blonde hair Colour that also has the ability to cover greys.

Limitless Colour 10.13 Platinum Beige Blonde — With warm Blondes being back this summer, a blonde with a subtle warmth gives you those golden sun-kissed vibes.

Limitless Colour 9.21 Very Light Iridescent Ash Blonde — The new go-to toner with a secondary violet and ash reflect. Its combination is perfectly balanced so blondes get cooler tones without going murky. 

Brown Hair Colour

Let’s just say it. Brown hair has a reputation for being boring. Except, that does not need to be the case with this hand-picked selection of Limitless brown hair colours. 

Limitless Colour 4.2 Medium Violet Brown — Seeking brown hair with a twist? Medium violet brown contains subtle red-violet hues to draw the eye. 

Limitless Colour 5.81 Light Expresso Brown — A brown full of richness and depth. Its perfect combination of cooler reflects gives the hair the caffeine kick it needed.

Limitless Colour 5.07 Light Matte Natural Brown — The perfect colour to give you a neutral brown. Especially perfect for counteracting the red reflects in the hair which are exposed when using higher developers for coverage.

Red/ Copper Hair Colours

What a way to stand out!

As only 2% of people in the world have red hair, anyone with this special shade will be the centre of attention. There are plenty of different copper hair dye options available in the Limitless Colour range, and we have listed all our favourites below.

Limitless Colour 7.4 Medium Copper Blonde — Not too light. Not too dark. This copper hair dye is just right.

Limitless Colour 7.43 Medium Copper Gold Blonde — Gold and blonde hair are the perfect combination. Don’t miss out on trying this special colour.

Limitless Colour 6.666 Dark Flame Red Blonde — Make a statement with this mind-blowingly bright copper hair dye. 

Black Hair Colour

Just because black is the most common hair colour does not mean you can’t impress with a quick application of the darker Limitless Colours. Check out the options below and prepare to fall in love with rich black hair dye. 

Limitless Colour 1.0 Black — The name is simple and accurate. This black hair dye is the epitome of the colour, and we love it.

Limitless Colour 1.1 Blue Black — The subtle blue undertones give Limitless Colour 1.1 Blue Black a charming iridescent look. This is sure to be a favourite.

Limitless Colour Correctors 

That’s right. Limitless offers plenty of colour correctors to increase your chosen intensity. Choose from: 


6 Different Strengths of Limitless Creme Developer

Limitless Creme Developer is the perfect companion for the dyes. The creamy formula delivers stable colour to each strand of hair, and the fragrance-free blend means you can use the product on or off the scalp. 

There are six different strength levels to suit all your colour service needs.

Limitless Crème Developer 3.5Vol — Contains 1.05% peroxide, which is the smallest amount offered by the Limitless range. This developer is ideal for toning and refreshing.

Limitless Crème Developer 5Vol — The second-lowest developer with a subtle peroxide level of 1.5%. This is ideal when 3.5vol isn’t strong enough and you’re after more intense results.

Limitless Crème Developer 10Vol — Contains 3% peroxide and will slightly open the cuticle to deposit colour. This strength is less harsh than higher levels, which means less risk of damage.

Limitless Crème Developer 20Vol — The most commonly used developer, which contains 6% peroxide. Ideal for maximum grey coverage.

Limitless Crème Developer 30Vol — With 9% peroxide, you can lift the hair up to three levels and is suitable for use with Superlighteners and creating bright/intense shades.

Limitless Crème Developer 40Vol — This developer will lift the hair up to four levels thanks to the addition of 12% peroxide. It’s ideal for Superlighteners. Most professionals don’t recommend using 40vol with bleach due to the potency. 


Fanola Colour Vs Limitless Colour

Images of models from Limitless and Fanola

Choosing a hair colour is a big decision. Every day, clients enter salons expecting colour transformations that do not damage their hair. Selecting high-performance products packed with nourishing ingredients is of the highest importance, but what brand should you trust with your salon’s reputation?

Fanola has often been a top choice for hairdressers for over a decade. Frequently listed as one of the top hair dye brands in the world, the company has been a professional favourite since launching in 2005. Most clients will quickly identify the name, and many have built confidence in the cool-based Fanola haircare.

With the great results of Limitless hair colours beginning to spread, let's have a look at whether it might be worth switching from Fanola to Limitless.


Reasons to Choose Limitless Colour Hair Dyes

Limitless Colours

From the deepest blacks to the most eye-catching reds, the possibilities are endless with over 100 intermixable shades. You can create permanent intense colours, blonde toners, maximum grey coverage and soft super lighteners. Limitless

Limitless Creme Developers

Limitless Creme Developer is the perfect companion for Limitless Colour. The creamy formula delivers stable colour to each strand of hair, and the fragrance-free blend means you can use the product on or off the scalp.


Limitless Booklet

To make choosing a colour simpler for clients, the Limitless team have carefully assembled the "Limitless Booklet – The Illuminates Colour Collection". Inside the pages, find high-quality hair swatches and educational information to help the decision-making process.

Of course, the glossy cover also makes this an attractive decorative item for any salon.

Reasons to Choose Fanola

In just over 18 years, the brand has become a household name across the globe and is available in over 60 countries. Like all EU members, they do not test on animals, which means you can enjoy their cruelty-free products without guilt. As an added bonus, many of their products are available to general customers as well as hairdressers.

Fanola Hair Dyes

You can never have too many hair colour options. The Fanola team seem to live by this motto, and we’re glad they do!

One of the most popular collections offered by the brand is Fanola Prestige Colour. Unlike other dyes, these professional creams prioritise the health of the hair and scalp. By using formulas that are low in ammonia, the hair is left brighter and glossier without compromising health. Plus, a combination of 25% conditioning agents and lipids with bonus Ginkgo Bilbao makes nourishment easy.

From the deepest black to the iciest blonde, there are over 100+ options to choose from. Thankfully, the Fanola team have made selecting colours easier. Any of these hues can be used for permanent, semi-permanent, superlightener, toning and colour bath results.


Fanola Free Paint Direct Colour

Instead of a canvas, what if you could paint on the hair? That is the idea behind semi-permanent Fanola Free Paint Direct Colour. Simply shampoo the hair and use gloves to distribute the product evenly. In only five minutes, colour is visible. It doesn’t get much easier than this range.

One of our favourite parts of Fanola Free Paint Direct Colour is the ability to use the products separately or mix them together. We also admire the ethical formula, which is vegan and ammonia-free.

Shop purple, blue, green, red and more.

Fanola Color Mask

Yup, there are more types of dye to choose from! This range is called Fanola Color Mask and is perfect for reviving colour. Use the collection of 8 shades on natural, coloured or bleached hair. Best of all, these products work in only 2 minutes.

Choose from brown, purple, red, pink, blue and more.

Fanola Peroxide

All the best hair colour brands offer peroxide to pair with their dyes. As usual, Fanola has gone above and beyond. Every type of strength is available including Fanola 40 vol peroxide, and there are even violet creme peroxides for blonde hair.


The Verdict: Fanola Colour Vs Limitless Colour

Choosing a hair dye brand is a big decision, but both are strong options: Limitless Colour and Fanola Colour. 


  • A new brand on the market
  • Limitless Colour offers 100+ intermixable colours
  • Create permanent hair colours
  • Each shade is vegan and cruelty-free
  • Limitless Colour contains Kakadu plum and bisabolol
  • Limitless Creme Developers are fragrance-free
  • All products are cruelty-free
  • Only for professional use


  • A popular and reliable brand
  • More than 18 years of experience
  • Prestige Colour offers 100+ shades
  • Prestige Colour contains conditioning agents and plant extracts
  • Fanola Free Paint Direct Colour is vegan and ammonia-free
  • Colour Zoom is free from PPD
  • All products are cruelty-free
  • Many products can be used professionally or at home

Depending on the needs of your salon, Limitless and Fanola are top hair colour contenders.


Limitless ensures you’re prepared for all the upcoming colour trends. Whether you need a natural shade or a vibrant hue, these colours and developers are a fantastic option.

Simply mix any of the 100+ colours in the range with an appropriate developer to achieve your desired result. 

This is hair colouring without limitations. See the full collection of Limitless products here. 

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