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How To Use Kiara Sky

Apr 30, 2018Scott Peers

Getting a glorious set of perfectly polished and groomed hands is an instant pick-me-up that you are proud to show off after every pamper session.

I'll come out and say it straight away. There is no better way to get your nails looking fresh and fabulous than with Kiara Sky Dip Powder.

About Kiara Sky Dipping Powders

Kiara Sky Dip powder is part of a dip styling kit for nails that consists of a base, a bond, a top coat, nourishing oil, and a series of glitter, confetti, metallic, and flat-coloured dip powders. Dip powders are, in a way, a semi-solution between a conventional manicure and fake nails. 


Dip powders have been a part of nail tech kits for a while, but they are starting to gain new momentum as they become quicker and easier to apply. 

You might be surprised to know that dip powders are not that difficult to use. In fact, you may not even need to visit a beauty salon. You can apply the Kiara Sky Dip powder at home. With a little practice, you can save loads of money.

In saying that, it will still take some practice to get really great results. The outcomes of your first few attempts are likely to not be as spectacular as being done by a pro stylist.

You might still want to leave those really special occasions like weddings or big parties to a professional.


One of the most impressive differences between dip powders and nail lacquers is that they are in powdered form. Unlike standard polish, they won't leave residue on the skin around your nails. 

Kiara Sky revolutionised nail art by using a unique dipping solution to coat your nails instantly, making them chip-free and glossy.

There is plenty to love about Kiara Sky dipping powders. They are cruelty-free, non-toxic, odour-free, MMA free and the dipping powder air dries naturally.

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The procedure is foolproof with cute 15ml bottles that are conveniently labelled and numbered to advise you which order they are to go in step-by-step, so you can do it at home or for your clients.

The powder is at a finely milled consistency. It's finer than the average acrylic powder and with that comes a lighter feeling on the nail bed compared to getting acrylic nails or applying gel nail polish on top of your nail.

However, you can still use Kiara Sky dip powder on top of the acrylic if you long for that length or want to give your weak nail bed extra strength and security.

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Kiara Sky Colours

Natural Colours

With Kiara Sky, their natural range comes in a larger size with 56 grams a pot. It also comes in neutral colours of clear, pure white and three shades of natural pink.

Bright Colours

The colour variety, on the other hand, is weighed at a generous 28 grams per pot with solid colours, glitters and a mixture of unique colour blends. They all have endearing and quirky names for the colours that you cannot help but see how witty and clever they sound.

For example, a bright bubble-gum pink colour is called Pink Up The Pace. There is an assorted collection of over 50 colours to choose from.

How Nail Dipping Powders Work

The nail dipping procedure consists of your nails getting prepped by soaking them, having them filed, buffed and then lastly having the colour ever so carefully applied afterwards. It is then dried via air drying, fan drying or under a UV lamp.

The Kiara Sky Difference

With the Kiara Sky dipping system, the ingenious and one-of-a-kind thing about it is that the dip nail powder colour is actually applied first and then the shaping of the nail is done.

With the filing and buffing, you would expect it to come off but it truly doesn't. The formulation of the sealant product seals the colour for the colour not buff or chip away. Amazing!

Unlike regular nail varnish, Kiara Sky dip powder can be customised to your own nail designs by mixing the powders to create your own unique design or shade, creating glitter ombre effects, unique patterns or two-tone gradients.

If you want to do your traditional French manicure, Kiara Sky has come up with their inventive creation of the nifty Kiara Sky Dip Case to get that pristine French tip with every single dip. The removal of the dip powder on natural nails is just as simple as putting it on, if not even simpler!

They soak off in half the time it takes to remove gel or acrylic nails with the use of pure acetone.

Read on below to find out how to get a salon-worthy result in a cinch with Kiara Sky Dip Powder Nail Kit in just a few steps.  

How to Use Kiara Sky Nail Dipping Powders

The process of applying the Kiara Sky dip powder is pretty simple. Watch this video on Instagram to see how the same process we describe below is done on acrylic nails in an instant.

Look at that amazing bit when the remainder of the powder just falls off to the sides of the nail - don't you just love that you don't need to deal with that?

Here is how it's done:

Step-by-Step Guide to Applying Kiara Sky Dip Powders

1. Pre-Prep - Wash Your Hands

You need clean hands - use a gentle washer to thoroughly clean your hands without drying the skin and give your nails a soak. You can use a nail-softening soak.

Avoid any moisturiser at this point. Save the use of nourishing hand cream for after-care. It should come only after you are completely finished with the nails.

2. Shape the Nails

Kiara Sky dip powders can be applied to natural, acrylic nails, nail wraps, and press-ons.

Once the nail has been shaped as you wish, choose a shape to suit your look. Rectangular or square tips, pointed nails, and oval or round ends are some of the most popular shapes.

You'll probably have to get this look at a salon, though:


You don't need to do fine improvements, just roughly shape the nail, as the final imperfections can be removed later when you are done with the colour and/or sparkles application.

3. Choose the Design

It's important to think about how you will style the nails because the application of your selected Kiara Sky dip powder depends on it. You might want to powder just the tip, the upper half, or the full nail.

Will you mix colours with glitter? Any crystals? There is plenty to think about. If you lack inspiration, look no further than these Kiara Sky dip powder Pinterest boards.

4. Add a Base Coat

As with most long-lasting nail polishes, the base coat is necessary to prepare the nail for the powder coat. That's what makes it so awesome - it acts like glue that keeps the powder in place without messing with the rest of the finger.

5. Dip Your Nails

The most tedious part of dip powder nails is preparation - the dipping is plain and simple as a pie. You just quickly place the fingertip into the Kiara Sky dip powder jar to enable equal application across the full surface and remove it once the layer is on. You can play with the angle if you want to create asymmetry or geometric patterns.

Repeat step 4 & 5 a second time before moving to step 6.


6. Buff and File

At this step, you will remove any imperfections of the shape as you already have a pretty good idea of how your nail will look with all the cute, sexy, or subtle decorations you have chosen.

Find a file or a buffer that works for you - a good buffer is not the same for everyone. In fact, most beauty salon owners have one fave and an assortment of files and buffers for various nail qualities.

7. Seal the Look with a Top Coat

A topcoat brings all manicure elements together and adds extra shine to the dip powder nail. The whole process shouldn't take longer than an hour, especially when you gain a bit of practice. 

After you complete your mani, don't forget to apply nourishing oil to repair the cuticles and achieve a seamless transition between the nail and the surrounding skin. 


Bonus Tips

A few useful tips that will help you not only fall in love with your Kiara Sky dip powder nails but also love them for longer:

  • The Kiara Sky dip powder is not as easy to remove as regular nail polish. It may take up to 30 minutes for the powder to dissolve without extra force. Don't scrape the polish as this can harm the nails - wait for at least 15 minutes, though half an hour is better.
  • Certain chemicals in dip powders can harm your nails if you don't do the dip powder mani properly. Less confident types should probably leave it to nail technicians to do the dip powder job.
  • Sanitary risks can be a reason for concern because you stick nails in the same powder bottle as everyone else. But with the right nail tools and some diligent nail tool maintenance, that risk is minimised.

Frequently treated nails can get a bit fragile - restore them with a dedicated application of your favourite combination of moisturiser and cuticle oil.

Just like with any new skill you try, practice makes perfect. Have fun!

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