Introducing Customisable Haircare From Kerastase: Fusio-doses

Introducing Customisable Haircare From Kerastase

Nov 07, 2023Sharnee Rawson

Have you ever wanted to create your own haircare? Your dream has become a reality with Kerastase Fusio-Doses

This collection lets you combine two types of products: concentrates and boosters. Each one offers different benefits for the hair, including nourishment, hydration, smoothness, plumpness, strength and toning.

In fact, there is a total of thirty combinations to try!

According to the Kerastase website, 100% of surveyed customers agree Kerastase Fusio-Dose does not weigh the hair down. A further 79% said their hair was profoundly transformed. It’s hard to resist grabbing a few bottles after hearing these glowing testaments, but let’s uncover more information first.

In this article, we will reveal the truth about the fusio-doses, instructions and cost. 



Background: Is Kerastase A Good Brand?

Did you know Kerastase was the first collection to give hairdressers a more intimate role in haircare? 

Supported by scientists at L’Oréal Advanced Research, their team challenges conventional knowledge and actively seeks new solutions. They understand there are many reasons for problems with hair, including the texture, scalp, environment and more. 

Not only are their formulas impressive, but we have to mention their packaging. You can enjoy the look of the modern silhouettes and jewel-like caps inside your bathroom or salon. Aiming to be lighter and use less material, the caps even save over 45 tons of plastic per year. 



What Are The Most Popular Fusio-Doses?

With up to thirty combinations of fusio-dose boosters and concentrates, there is plenty of information to unpack. Let’s keep the facts simple by covering the most popular products. From nourishment to toning, there are solutions for everyone.  


When your hair needs extra oomph, we recommend Kerastase Nutrition Fusio-Doses. These nourishing bombshells offer multiple benefits for the hair, especially if you are suffering from dryness. 

We recommend combining Kerastase Concentre Nutrition Fusio-Dose and Kerastase Fusio-Dose Booster Nutrition. The concentrate will instantly improve nutrients, strength, shine and lightness. You can even expect 66% more softness and 28% more suppleness afterwards. 

Falling Hair

If you have noticed excessive falling hair, it’s time to check out Kerastase Genesis Fusio-Doses. These deeply fortifying treatments will prevent a sparse, limp and lifeless appearance.

Kerastase Concentre Genesis Fusio-Dose works hard to amplify the fibres of the hair. Once applied, you will see an improvement in strength, shine, softness and plumpness. Research shows there will even be 44% more volume and 77% less breakage for 24 hours. 

Use Kerastase Concentre Genesis Fusio-Dose with Kerastase Fusio-Dose Booster Genesis to support the benefits.


When traditional restorative treatments are not working, do not panic. Kerastase Concentre Resistance Fusio-Dose and Kerastase Fusio-Dose Booster Reconstruction are specifically designed to repair damaged and over-processed hair.

Use the concentrate to repair 96% of breakage and 35% of surface damage. You can resist breakage and strengthen too. Remember to grab the matching booster to add softness, nutrition and further restorative action.

Frizzy Hair

If you’re seeking manageability, we recommend Kerastase Fusio-Dose Discipline Booster. The unique treatment is infused with pro-keratin to reduce unwanted frizz and flyaways. Plus, you can boost nutrition by 86% and softness by 54%. Anyone dealing with frizz caused by humidity will appreciate the result. 

We recommend pairing with Kerastase Concentre Curl Manifesto, although you can choose any other concentrate depending on your needs.


For blonde hair types, there are two incredible options: Kerastase Concentre H.A Ultra Violet Fusio Dose and Kerastase Fusio-Dose Cicafibre Booster

The powerful ultraviolet pigment instantly neutralises brassy and yellow undertones. In fact, the concentrate reduces brassiness by up to 7%. You will also enhance natural shine, softness and nutrition. Even bleached hair is protected, and breakage is minimised by 93%. 

The concentrate and booster are perfect for all types of bleached blonde hair in between salon visits or after colouring services. 



How To Use Kerastase Fusio-Doses For Beginners

Applying new products is always intimidating. However, this brand makes transforming your hair easier. There are only four simple steps when using Fusio-Doses:

  1. Open the top of the concentrate bottle and twist the end of the booster until both are mixed together in the vial.
  2. Use the spray included in the concentrate to apply over towel-dried hair. Instead of rinsing, make sure you leave on.
  3. After five minutes, your hair will feel healthier than ever.
  4. Style as usual.


How Much Do Kerastase Fusio-Doses Cost?

So, how much will you pay for these ultra-concentrated treatments with proven results? The fusio-doses are pricey, but we think they are worth every cent. Expect to pay approximately $120 for the booster and $30 for the concentrate. 



Are Kerastase Fusio-Doses For You?

There aren’t many reasons not to try Kerastase Fusio-Doses. There are options for every occasion: nourishment, reconstruction, falling hair, frizzy hair and brassy hair. Simply pick your blend of concentrate and booster to target your concerns.

For the best of Kerastase, make sure you check out their brand page. There are plenty of perks when shopping online, including trade prices, price beat, Australia-wide delivery and click & collect. You can also visit AMR Hair & Beauty physical stores in Penrith, Ingleburn, Epping, Belconnen and Cannington to see the products in person. 

Let us know what you think about Fusio-Dose in the comment section below, especially if you have already tried these products for yourself.


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