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14 Medium Curly Hairstyles You Should Try

Aug 15, 2017Samantha Bun

Medium hair can sometimes be a struggle. Especially if you are only planning to transition through the short and long hair phases. Unless your hair is the perfect lob cut, then sometimes medium hair can be an awkward length. One way to tackle that is to curl it. You can never go wrong with a nice medium-curly hairstyle.

Let's have a look at some fantastic medium-curly hairstyles you can try. Here are some that I love to wear on my medium-length hair.

Medium curly hairstyles with bangs

Add some bang to your gorgeous medium-length locks with bangs.

This is the perfect spring and autumn look as it is bubbly and lively. The curly hair also adds a bit of spring to your bounce. I especially love this look for brunette hair leading into autumn to match the gorgeous fall leaves.

Smiling woman with medium curly hairstyle

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Lady with messy curly hairstyle medium length hair

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Middle split lob with curls

The lob has been my favourite haircut trend for a few years now. I love how it just sits right under the shoulder and requires little maintenance. If you are having a bad hair day, go with the curly lob in a middle split. It looks simple and effortless!

Blonde hair Medium Curly Hairstyle

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Medium Curly Hairstyles - Romantic waves

Romantic waves have made all fuss with Natalie Anne's classic style being popularised in the wedding industry. If you are going for classy and sophisticated styling, then the romantic waves are the perfect medium-curly hairstyle for your next formal event. 

Sitting lady with romantic waves hairstyle

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Woman with medium length curly hairstyle with hair in waves

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Bent wavy bob

I absolutely adore this look on J-Law. The bent wave looks edgy and sassy, suitable for a night out in town for cocktails with the girls.

Woman with bent wavy bob

Image source

Mid-length gentle waves

Mid-length gentle waves are great medium-curly hairstyles for everyday wear. It can soften the face and make you appear more approachable. This look would be fab coupled with some natural toned makeup like your nude lips or you can dress it up with a bright red lippy.

Lady with gently wavy hair of medium length

Image source

Woman with gentle wavy hair

Curly with a waterfall braid

Who doesn't love a lustrous waterfall braid cascading your delicate tresses? This look is a bit more demure and perfect for a bad hair day!

What better way to be rid of dull hair than to hide it away with a wonderful waterfall braid?

Rear view of hairstyle with waterfall braid

Vintage style curls

Go for the big voluminous curls to style your hair vintage. This look is simply classic and honestly, one of my favourite eras to replicate. The modern version of the vintage curl is the romantic waves, but nothing beats the original look that oozes sex appeal and confidence.

Lady with medium length hair with vintage curls

Image source

Springy coils

I wish I could pull these springy coils off but it will take a lot of work to get my hair to this point. If it works for you though, why not? Bigger is better!

For the girls who want to make a statement with that Rihanna curl.

Woman with springy curly hair

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Surfer curls

The surfer girl curls look is not much different to the gentle wave curly style, the only difference is having that just-got-out-of-salty-sea-water surfer chick vibe. 

Surfer lady with surf style wavy hair

Image source

Rear view of woman with slightly messy curly hair

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Curls Get the Girls!

Well, maybe not. But to get those curls, we have a range of hair products for curly hair. You can get these girls for your kit:

H2D x 5 Professional Curling Wand 

H2D brand curling wand

H2D Curling Wand

This is one of AMR's bestselling items. With 5 interchangeable curling barrels, the H2D curling wand is ceramic and tourmaline infused which produces negative ions to seal the hair cuticles and repel humidity for a frizz-free curling result.

Here are some other styling products for curly hair that you might want to invest in.

With the H2D Curling Wand, the far infrared technology heats the hair from the inside out, curling it quickly and safely with no tug, tangle or damage. Ion field technology seals your hair's natural oils for great conditioning and micro-porous technology locks in the moisture so you won't get any split ends.

The kit also includes a heat-resistant glove for complete confidence and control, so you can't go wrong with this curling device to achieve your desired look. You can also get curls without heat too!  

Inebrya Style-in Roll Up Curl Defining Cream

Inebrya Style-in cream

The curl-defining cream from Inebrya is designed to define and strengthen existing curls while also restoring elasticity, texture and shine to reduce frizz. This is ideal for natural, wavy or permed hair.

Natural Look Static Free Frizz Wavelength Curling Balm

Natural Look Wave Length product

The Curling Balm by Natural Look is a great styling aid as it provides ongoing protection from thermal styling and contains a UV Filter to protect from the sun's damaging rays. The curling balm controls and defines curls whilst also enhancing and de-frizzes natural curly, wavy or permed hair.

This product's lightweight texture is also moisturising and conditioning with properties of Aloe Vera to rejuvenate hair's natural movement and texture. This curling balm is a great way to boost your curls while looking after your hair!

To achieve that surfer wave, apply the Beach Rock spray to create a salty texture on wavy locks. This sea mist spray has a medium hold and creates a matte finish on your hair.

All the best in achieving your desired medium curly hairstyle and most importantly, have fun rocking it!

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