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Parlux 3200 vs. Dyson Supersonic: Which is the Best Hairdryer?

Aug 28, 2023Sharnee Rawson

Often, the distinguishing factor between cheap and higher-priced hair dryers is the weight, technology, performance, and efficiency. However, some manufacturers overprice products. Meaning, it is possible to find an alternative dryer that performs or sometimes outperforms more expensive models - considering performance and technology.

Two of the most reliable hairdryers are the Parlux 3200 and Dyson Supersonic. The issue is, that you can buy at least two Parlux 3200’s for the price of one Dyson Supersonic.

Should you save up and buy a Dyson, or should you buy two to three Parlux hair dyers instead?

We are going to answer the question: Which is better - Parlux 3200 or Dyson Supersonic?

Here is an in-depth review of both dryers.

Dyson Supersonic: Review

Engineered for different hair types, Dyson Supersonic promises no extreme heat and faster drying.

Packing a powerful motor, intelligent heat control, and a unique futuristic aesthetic. The company claims that the dryer increases hair smoothness by 75%, adds shine by up to 132%, and decreases flyaways and frizz by 61%.

After testing. We found that Dyson Supersonic is lightweight (440g), left-hand compatible, and despite it having a powerful motor you do not experience excessive or notable vibrations. On top of that, the item features magnetic attachments, and the nozzle does not get too hot.


Dyson Supersonic Performance

To prevent heat damage, Dyson Supersonic features intelligent heat control that regulates heat. That is four precise heat settings suitable for all types of hair. But in my opinion, the standout feature is the wide-tooth comb attachment.

The wide-tooth comb attachment is great in that the manufacturer engineered it for curly hair (I have curly hair). Meaning, it can help detangle curly hair or remove knots without causing damage. Furthermore, the wide-tooth comb helps to reduce split ends. Is gentle on the scalp, reduces hair fall, and prevents breakage.


The Dyson supersonic features a Dyson Digital Motor V9 in its handle. As mentioned, the motor does not cause vibrations, and it is almost inaudible. That is great in that you do not have to worry about Vibration-Induced White Finger. Vibration White Finger or Hand-Arm Vibration syndrome is a condition that affects your arm, wrists, hands, joints, muscles, nerves, and blood vessels. It is common in stylists and people who regularly operate vibrating hand tools.

Consequently, any hand tool or dryer that produces very little or no vibrations when in use is okay in our books.

Is Dyson Supersonic Dryer Dual Voltage?

No. Dyson supersonic dryer is not dual voltage. That is either bad news or good news depending on where you intend to travel. If you are in Australia or are planning to travel to Australia with your Dyson Supersonic, we recommend that you get the European model -230-249V.

The American model is 110-120V.

Side Note – If you are travelling internationally, here is what you need to know: A device that says 100- 240v at 50/60 HZ will work anywhere. However, for North America and western Japan, we recommend 100-127V at 60hertz. And 220-240 V at 50 hertz for Europe, Africa, Australia, and Asia.

Dyson Speed Settings

The Dyson Supersonic offers three precise speed settings:

  • Low: for diffusing hair.
  • Medium: regular drying.
  • High: fast drying.

Summary Dyson Supersonic: Performance Review

Performance Dyson Supersonic

  • Drying  Features a powerful Dyson V9 Motor and trademarked Multiplier technology for faster and more precise drying and styling.
  • Speed settings  4 precise heat settings and 3 SPEED settings for faster drying and styling.
  • Attachments – Magnetic
  • Noise – No vibrations and left-hand friendly.
  • Surface Heat – Heat shield technology keeps the surface cool.
  • Cooling – Features Cool Shot Button (keep reading)


Is Dyson Supersonic Worth it?

According to feedback from our customers, the Dyson Supersonic is worth the asking price for the following reasons:

  • Faster Drying: 10 to 15 minutes depending on hair volume.
  • It does not create frizz or flyaways.
  • Heatshield technology keeps the surface cool.
  • You may use the dryer with or without an attachment.
  • Lightweight and left-hand friendly.
  • Four heat settings for all types of hair.
  • Powerful V9 Motor.

Somewhere around $500 is a lot of money to spend on a dryer, but the Dyson Supersonic in the opinion of many users is worth it.

One of the most common criticisms from users (especially hair professionals) is that the power cord features a large transformer that may block a second outlet.

So, it will probably be worth getting an extension if that's a concern for you.

Parlux 3200 Review

Lightweight and featuring a powerful motor, the Parlux 3200 is a go-to dryer for stylists looking for an affordable dryer that gets the job done. However, is the Parlux 3200 a worthy alternative to the Dyson supersonic?

Technology: Parlux 3200

The Parlux 3200 is a lightweight dryer that features four temperature options and two speeds. However, unlike the Dyson Supersonic, the Parlux 3200 is not left-hand friendly.

Using a “one suction concept.” The dryer promises quieter and fast-drying, it is lightweight and comfortable to use, and you get two concentrator nozzles. Unlike the Dyson supersonic, the Parlux 3200 does not feature a digital motor. Instead, it features a K-lamination motor that consumes less power, does not overheat, is lightweight and eco-friendly.

Parlux 3200 Performance

Weighing 490 grams/ 1.08 pounds, a bit heavier than the Dyson. The Parlux 3200 is a lightweight dryer that features an ergonomic handle, a heavy-duty power cord, and sturdy attachments. The attachments are not magnetic.

Although the Parlux 3200 is not as balanced as the Dyson Supersonic. It still feels comfortable to hold and use. Another inconvenience is that you may have to purchase a $17 silencer if you cannot handle the noise. That tells you that without the silencer, the dryer runs loud and you feel the vibrations. But not too much 80 Db.

You May Need a Silencer

Weighing 52g. The Parlux Noise Reduction Melody silencer is made of shock-resistant materials that help to reduce vibration and noise. Therefore, if you intend to use the dryer in a salon or barbershop, we recommend that you also purchase the silencer.

Parlux 3200 is an Inexpensive Salon-Quality Dryer

Besides price, another factor that makes the Parlux 3200 a worthy addition to your home or salon is that just like the Dyson Supersonic.

The Parlux 3200 distributes heat evenly thanks to its ceramic coating. Furthermore, the convenient placement of the Cool Shot Button ensures that you do not overheat unwanted areas.


Side Note: Why is a Cool Shot Button Important?

Dyson supersonic, and Parlux 3200, feature a Cool Shot Button. Cool Shot Buttons on your dryer ensure a longer-lasting blow dry by cooling and setting your hair. Pressing the button releases a burst of cold air that cools the hair preventing heat damage.

With four heat settings and two airflow settings, the Parlux 3200 provides lots of options to style all types of air. Aesthetically, the product looks great and is well-balanced compared to other dryers within its price range. Additionally, it measures a little over 8 inches from tip to barrel thus, perfect for travel.

Summary: Parlux 3200 Dryer

  • Drying  k-lamination motor with powerful airflow and high heating equals high performance. Perfect for home or salon/ barbershop use.
  • Heat and airflow settings  Four heat settings and two airflow settings.
  • Attachments – Slide on nonmagnetic attachments.
  • Noise  Loud. You may purchase a Parlux Noise Reduction Melody Silencer to reduce noise.
  • Surface heat  Cool to the touch when in use. Does not overheat. Nozzle gets hot.
  • Cooling – Features a cool shot button.


Comparison: Is Parlux better than Dyson?

When it comes to performance, we conclude that both Dyson Supersonic and Parlux 3200 offer excellent performance. However, the Dyson has a few advantages over Parlux including:

  • Lower noise.
  • Dyson’s supersonic is suitable for left-handed and right-handed stylists.
  • Dyson’s V9 motor is more powerful than Parlux’s K-lamination motor.

The biggest factor in favour of this classic Parlux model is that you can get two Parlux dryers for the price of one Dyson.

For a salon or barbershop setting, or for home use for most people, my recommendation is to buy a Parlux. However, if you have curly hair, run a high-end salon, or need a powerful dryer for home use, the Dyson is a better option.

Both dryers are quality items. The difference is the aesthetics, motor, and noise. Therefore, it may come down to personal preference on those things but in our opinion, you cannot go wrong with either product.

Which one is the Best Professional Hairdryer?

When buying hairdryers, it is vital to realise that a good dryer does not have to be expensive. What matters is the build quality and performance. Dyson attachments are suitable for both curly and straight-haired individuals. The design of the comb ensures less breakage or damage and is easy on the scalp.

What features to look for in a dryer?

  • Weight, noise, and vibration: We recommend lightweight ergonomic dryers such as Dyson Supersonic or Parlux 3200.
  • Wattage: at least 1300 watts.
  • Speed settings: The more the better (generally speaking).
  • Temperature: Ceramic hair dryers distribute heat evenly.
  • Attachments: The right attachment prevents flyaways and hair damage.
  • Travel: 220-240v at 50/60Hz works almost everywhere.


Why Buy Dyson Supersonic?

  • Dyson Supersonics’ powerful V9 motor packs more wind, meaning it uses less heat to dry hair resulting in less heat damage.
  • The device features an ionic, ceramic, and tourmaline grill. That guarantees faster drying, better heat distribution, and less frizz or damage.
  • Dyson supersonic comes with magnetic attachments suitable for straight and curly hair.
  • Weighing 560g without attachments, the Dyson supersonic is lightweight and suitable for a salon or barbershop.

Dyson Supersonic Cons

  • Expensive

Why Buy Parlux 3200?

  • The Parlux 3200 Packs a Powerful -low-power K-lamination motor.
  • Parlux 3200 is ceramic ionic, meaning it distributes heat evenly.
  • The attachments are slide-on. Do not easily slide off.
  • Weighs only about half a kilo, therefore lightweight and suitable for extended use.

Parlux 3200 Cons

Without the noise reduction silencer, the device is noisy.

Dyson supersonic vs. Parlux 3200 Comparison Summary


  • Parlux  – $200-300
  • Dyson – $500-600


  • Parlux  – Lightweight and suitable for salon use
  • Dyson – Lightweight (without attachments) 


  • Parlux  – 82 decibels
  • Dyson – 79 decibels


  • Parlux  – Come vibration and heat
  • Dyson – No vibrations

Power Consumption

  • Parlux  1900 watts
  • Dyson – 1600 watts


  • Parlux  – Right-hand compatible
  • Dyson – Left and right-hand compatible


  • Parlux  Clip-on
  • Dyson – Magnetic 

A final thought that may sway your decision: the Supersonic comes with a 2-year warranty compared to the Parlux’s single year.

The Dyson is quicker and quieter with a better design and magnetic nozzles that don’t get too warm, and it uses less power. However, only you can decide whether its price point is too steep for what is essentially still just a hairdryer. Remember that all the advantages of the Supersonic do not put Parlux models like the Advance Light completely in the shade. The Parlux is still an amazing hair dryer that offers outstanding results but at a more affordable price.

If you want something new and sexy with cutting-edge design and technology from a company that knows all about getting maximum airflow from minimalist designs, then the Dyson Supersonic is what you need.

Announcing the Winner

Okay, so the winner on performance is the Dyson Supersonic. However, as soon as we consider price we lean towards the Parlux as the overall winner.

The Supersonic sounds, looks and feels great, and can leave you with smooth hair. It is certainly not a bad option at all.

However, it is significantly higher up the price scale than even the advanced model Parlux hairdryers.

The question that only you can answer is whether the positive points in favour of Dyson really make it worth significantly extra investment.

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