Bastion Gloves

While caring for clients, you may forget that your hands are your ultimate tools and need care, too.

Bastion produces gloves to provide barrier protection to hairdressers exposed to the daily grind of salon chemicals and heat styling tools. The gloves are sold in convenient packs of 100 pieces to keep you safe and sure that you are covered on the most crowded days.

Micro-textured and ultra-soft, the disposable gloves provide safety and comfort. Bastion constantly works on improving its production formula to create medical and surgical-quality gloves.

Bastion Hairdressing Gloves

Too much powder or not enough powder? Loose-fitting or too tight? Allergic to common glove materials? You can take those worries off your back with Bastion soft powdered and lightly powdered gloves in black, white, and blue.

Available in three sizes - small, medium, and large for the comfort of all hand sizes. Are you looking for powder-free gloves to protect yourself as a measure of hygiene? You get that, too, to keep your days worry-free on busy days.

Bastion Glove Types

Bastion Latex gloves are a cheap variant for protecting your hands during procedures that don't need sturdy materials or puncture resistance. Nitrile rubber gloves have a long shelf life and are oil-resistant, which means you get to keep your hands clean for an extended time and during the application of harsh hair chemicals.

When you require loose-fitting, less elastic gloves and don't need to work with harmful chemicals, use vinyl gloves. They are perfect for salon cleaning or if you are allergic to latex and nitrile.

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