Body Spray

Body Spray For A Fresh Scent

Today, more and more people are committed to their personal hygiene than ever before. Whether they feel self-conscious about their personal scent or just love smelling fresh, body spray is being used to help do just that. While they don't replace showering and actually being clean, they will help to make you feel fresher for longer. Add a fresh earthy or ocean smell to your body or perhaps a sweeter scent. Some also double as hair perfumes too, so your hair and body can smell delectable!

Natural Fragrance Body Spray

We mean natural fragrance as in using natural ingredients, not smelling like natural BO. We offer ranges that don't contain harsh chemicals and give off a refreshing scent. Ingredients you can expect to find in more natural body sprays includes white tea, aloe vera leaf juice, spearmint, blue cypress and eucalyptus. Natural fragrances are better for most skin types, especially those with sensitive skin. The specially formulated PH balanced products will suit the chemistry of your skin, preventing the likelihood of breakouts, rashes or skin irritations. Furthermore, natural body sprays are less likely to stain your clothes and will mask your natural body odour and replace it with a more "natural" one.

Picking The Right Body Spray For You3

To help you pick the right spray, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, consider your skin type. If you suffer from sensitive skin, consider going for natural fragranced sprays. If you don't have any skin issues, you are limitless with your options. Secondly, consider what scent you want to mask? Do you need something strong and powerful like Eucalyptus? Perhaps you'd rather fruity and fresh. Either way, you can't go wrong when picking a body spray from AMR.

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