Brosh - Modern Hair Pomade

The first feature you’ll notice about Brosh is the captivating packaging. Yet, Brosh is more than just looks.

The company stems from two legendary Japanese barbershops: Brothers Cut Club and Master Apache. Brosh was only founded in 2017, but they aim to combine new approaches with Japanese ancestral culture.

The combination appears to have worked because Brosh has created pomades unlike any other. Their products adapt to all textures and do not fasten hair together. Even better, they come in a selection of exceptional scents. It’s no wonder Brosh is the number one barbering hair brand in Japan.

Pomades For All Occasions

Brosh specialises in pomades, which means they are high-quality pomades for every occasion. For a traditional Brosh hair product, try Original Pomade.

This smooth spread holds even the thickest tresses in order to craft all classical hairstyles. It even has a pleasant, masculine aroma to complement the wearer.

You can also snag a mini version of the Fiber pomade for easy transportation. If you’re seeking a lighter pomade, Mini Fiber Pomade 40g is for you. The soft cream can be finger-combed through hair and adjusted during the day. 

Run, don't walk, to collect one of these superstar pomades.

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