Brown Hair Extensions

Brown Hair Extensions

Don't underestimate the power of brunettes.

As the second most common hair colour in the world, there's a misconception that brown means boring. Yet, this couldn't be further from the truth. There are countless natural and dyed shades capable of demanding attention in any situation.

If you're still not convinced, it's time to upgrade brown hair by adding volume and length using extensions from best-selling brands.

Our Favourite Shades

  • Sienna: Overlayed with ashy tones, the Sienna Collection is perfect for anyone with cool brown hair. This is actually one of the lightest brunette extensions from Hey Stacey.

  • Lyla: Check out a sun-kissed effect with darker roots and fairer ends. The Hey Stacey Lyla collection is designed to simulate the natural appearance of light-to-medium brown hair.

  • Amelia: Next, there is dark brown with natural lowlights. The warmth of the Hey Stacey Amelia collection looks incredible both indoors and outside in the sunlight. 

  • Bella: The final shade we need to spotlight is this super dark brown that could almost be mistaken for black. Also known as "charred oak brunette," the Hey Stacey Bella collection is unmissable for anyone with darker hair. 

Real Vs Synthetic 

One of the most common debates in the extension community is real vs synthetic hair. 

In our opinion, the decision comes down to budget. Real human hair extensions are pricier because they last longer. In fact, proper care can prolong them for several years compared to several months when purchasing synthetic extensions. 

In addition, you can usually dye, tone and use heated tools on human hair, which expands the possibilities for styling.

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