Copper Hair Extensions

Copper Hair Extensions

Explore one of the rarest colours on the market.

Copper hair is found naturally in 1-2% of the population, but some people use dyes to achieve this eye-catching shade. Whatever the case, you can take copper hair to the next level with a wide range of extensions.

Get started by choosing from varieties like tape, halo, weft, clip in, flat tip and ponytail to add effortless volume and length to natural hair.

Tape Vs. Halo Vs Clip In

Are you wondering whether to choose tape, halo or clip in extensions?

Each one is renowned for quick, easy and painless applications. However, there are several differences to consider before making your final decision.

  • Copper tape: This popular type of permanent extension uses thin strips of tape to create instant volume and length without damaging the natural hair. Best of all, applications will only take around 1-2 hours if applied correctly.

  • Copper halo: What about a one-step method? These temporary extensions use an invisible band over the crown of the head to create volume and length. Plus, there are clips for extra security. The entire process can take minutes to complete if you're experienced.

  • Copper clip-in: If you don't like bands, take a moment to discover seamless clip-in extensions from around the world. An entire head of hair will take around 10-20 minutes depending on the desired result.


Ponytails are the most common up-do hairstyle for women, especially on hot spring and summer days. Unfortunately, the risk of extensions showing is high when using traditional versions.

You will be pleased to hear there are specially designed copper ponytail extensions, which slide onto the natural hair. These blend seamlessly, securely and safely into everyday looks.

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