Dark Blonde Hair Extensions

Dark Blonde Hair Extensions

Caught between blonde and brown, these extensions are the best of both worlds.

Dark blonde hair extensions boast a natural warmth that complements a wide range of skin tones. You might find hints of caramel, honey or chestnut that work together to add depth to the appearance. Plus, this colour is more forgiving than platinum variations.

If you want to skip right to the best dark blonde hair extensions, take a peek at the four bestsellers below.

Our Top 4 Bestselling Shades

  • Joslin: With dark roots and lighter ends, the Hey Stacey Joslin collection is perfect for anyone wanting a low-maintenance look without sacrificing the beauty of their appearance.

  • Kylie: These sandstone extensions mix the golden beige and super bright porcelain of Willow and Ava. The result is a phenomenal warm and cool blonde.

  • Liliana: For natural balayage babes, consider this ultra-warm blonde. The Hey Stacey Liliana collection melts from a warm mocha brown at the root to golden blonde at the ends. There are even platinum hints to introduce light and dynamic colour.

  • Daisy: Okay, okay. This collection is actually a medium brown base with blonde highlights. However, the amount of highlights teeters into "bronde" territory.

What Colour Level Is Dark Blonde?

If you're considering dyeing your extensions to match your real hair or vice versa, don't forget to investigate the colour level. A dark blonde is approximately a 6 on the international colour chart, although the tone is entirely up to you.

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