Dark Brown Hair Extensions

Dark Brown Hair Extensions

Prepare for timeless elegance with dark brown hair extensions.

Whether you want sleek locks or tousled waves, this shade will help you achieve your hairstyling goals by adding a touch of sophistication to every look. Simply dye the extensions to integrate them or match them directly with the natural hair. The choice is all yours. 

Below, take a moment to discover dark brown hair extensions in countless styles, including halos, ponytails, wefts, tapes, clip ins and more. 

Our Favourite 4 Shades

  • Sara: Meet the jack-of-all-trades for bright brunettes and dark dirty blondes. This combination of walnut brown with golden highlights creates a stunning caramel impression for onlookers.

  • Amelia: On the warmer end of the spectrum, there is the Hey Stacey Amelia collection. These extensions are dark brown with natural lowlights, which look incredible both outdoors and indoors.

  • Delilah: What about red undertones on a deep warm brunette base? The Hey Stacey Delilah collection is the slightly darker sister shade to Sara. With traces of red, it's the perfect way to catch attention in any environment.

  • Blair: Lastly, Hey Stacey Blair is made one shade lighter than Bella in order to suit 1B brunettes, whether natural or dyed. This classy colour is perfect for most types of dark brown hair.

Is It Better To Get Darker Or Lighter Hair Extensions?

If you're unsure about the colour of your extensions, there is one good rule of thumb. 

We recommend picking a shade or two lighter than your natural colour to avoid harsh lines, especially because the ends of the hair are typically fairer than the roots due to sun exposure.

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