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Dear Barber's story is about a culture created by professional stylists to provide the best possible expert and at-home care for male grooming. For men who want to create and maintain modern hairstyling habits, Dear Barber has crafted a class range of mens grooming products; all manufactured in the UK with animal-friendly policies. Cheered for by The Darryn Pitman (TDP), the brand includes styling and grooming products, as well as accessories and gifts for men. Starting from the vintage styling suitcase that is as cool as it is impeccably designed to store and take your styling products on the road, to the mini styling collection with a variety of pomade combinations, each serving a different purpose, you won't be disappointed with Dear Barber neatly-packed products. The woody design is another strength of this UK-based male grooming range.

Back To Basics Grooming

So many of today's men are beard carriers and want and deserve the best care for their beards. To keep that masculine symbol in the best shape, you need to groom it with beard wash, beard balm, beard comb, and beard oil. Is that all? Not quite. If you also carry a fab moustache, you will need to touch it up with moustache wax. Dear Barber has all this covered in tightly packed containers to provide maximum benefits while taking minimum space.

Gifts for Men

Choose a Dear Barber grooming kit to surprise a forgetful man and remind them to love their beard with a maintenance ritual. Styling and grooming professionals can stock up their barber salon supplies with the free-standing display unit or countertop display case.

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