Donuts and Padding

Beautiful Buns Ready in a Few Minutes

Hair donuts are a popular way to make buns, updos, and attractive hairstyles in just a few minutes. If you know how to use a hair donut, you have a ready accessory that can help you get out of messy hair situations. They can be a saviour when the hair is not squeaky clean or voluminous. Hair styles for happy occasions and celebrations often require a hair donut, which is an amazing base for working out both simplistic and creative, fancy hairstyles.

Hair Donuts: Colours and Materials

Firstly, hair donuts are usually made from sponge foam or synthetic hair. These two materials enable easy hair twisting and pulling, and all kinds of hair manipulation the hairdresser needs to achieve the desired results. Many clients use donuts at home as well, but the potential of this practical accessory becomes visible in the hands of a professional. The hair expert will know how to choose the right colour, size and material for each updo, and surprise clients with magical, workable hairstyles.

How to Choose and Apply a Hair Donut

There is a variety of ways in which you can apply a donut. First, you need to choose the right colour. AMR hair donuts are available in black, brown, and blonde. They are made from sponge or synthetic hair. Smaller sizes of 7 cm are a perfect fit for finer hair. Ideally, they are good for shorter hair types as they don't need as much hair to fill them. Another fun idea is using one or two of them to recreate the Princess Leia hairstyle. Larger variants come in sizes up to 12 cm in diameter and will match bigger, longer hair. Furthermore, they are great to use on children too. They'll make an easy job for parents when they need to get their girls ready quickly. You can play with the placement, starting from elegant low-placed buns to lavish braided updos. Also, they can be used for casual top head knots. Thick or thin hair, every type will get extra style points with a skillfully placed donut.

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