Dull Hair Care Treatment

Lifeless, dull hair can be caused by improper care, poorly chosen products, or lack of essential nutrients. Sometimes, seasonal weather can affect hair cuticles, causing temporary loss of strength and shine. You could also be using harsh chemicals or aggressive styling techniques that negatively impact your hair health.

Regardless of what makes your hair look worse than its best, effective dull hair treatment is the thing you need to restore your hairstyle to its maximum health.

The Causes of Dry, Dull Hair and How to Avoid Them

When hair lacks moisture, it gets dry and frizzy, losing its natural brilliance. If you think that locking the moisture in is one of the most important things you can do for your dull hair, you are correct.

When hairs lose moisture they become porous and lose vitality. Finally, dull hair breaks more and can lead to loss of hair. It is important to know the prevalent reason for your hair losing its shine in order to apply the right treatment for dull hair. If you are suffering from dull hair due to radical colouring techniques such as bleaching, your hair may require different nutrients than if you've spent too much time in the sun.

Get the Correct Dull Hair Treatment

Bleached hair gets dull because it has lost the major part of its core protein structure. Therefore, strengthening and revitalising dull hair treatments should be a part of the regular routine. You'll notice but that once bleach changes the hair structure, you will have to reach for nutrients from oils and masks more often.

Regular application of nourishment for dull, frizzy hair will protect your hair from even further damages and boost its restoration properties faster. Hair that got dull due to UV exposure, wind, heat or dry air, should be protected with anti-UV sprays whenever you get out. If you regularly go for blow-dries, avoid getting dull hair by using heat protectants before you turn on the heat button. This will seal as much of the remaining moisture as possible.

An excellent trick to close your cuticles after shampooing is to run cold water through your washed, treated, and conditioned hair. It will help your hair form a natural shield against thermal and chemical treatments you may use afterwards to style your hair.

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