Epres - Easy Bond-Building Hair Care

Take the stress out of bond-building with Epres. The up-and-coming brand has been making waves in the world of hair care with their innovative approach. Instead of expensive systems and complex instructions, you can repair with one product and one step. Although there are two formulas, each offers similar transformations. Damage is banished and strength is returned. The brand encourages improved softness and smoothness after use. As if that wasn't enough, each product is 100% cruelty-free, acid-free, recyclable and designed for all hair types. We all adore an ethical brand.

What Epres Bond Repair Treatment Should You Choose?

There are two products to choose from: Bond Repair Treatment and Bond Repair Treatment Professional. For home use, we recommend Epres Bond Repair Treatment. This product works as a standalone solution for reversing chemical, thermal and mechanical damage. Simply spray onto the hair and wait 10 minutes for the bond-builder to activate. You can even leave the Bond Repair Treatment in overnight. Alternatively, Epres Bond Repair Treatment Professional is mixed directly with chemical service products, such as bleaching, perming, relaxing and colouring formulas. The secret is two pumps of treatment with one ounce of chemical service product.

Epres Vs Olaplex

An Epres Vs Olaplex comparison is essential. After all, the founder of the brand originally helped to invent the bond-building category at Olaplex. The two brands share restorative power, but there are key differences. For instance, Olaplex has developed a multi-product system, and Epres offers just two key products. To resolve the battle, try each product for yourself. 

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