Mashup is Shaping Trends

Mashup is an innovative Italian haircare brand started by Emilio Celotto and his family a decade ago.

The brand consists of a full range of products intended only for professional hairdressers. In the ten years of existence since 2011, Mashup has grown from a local to an international brand that helps professional hair salons all over the world develop individualised haircare by mixing unique products.

Mashup’s main strength is in its dedication to providing direct support to hair salons to increase client satisfaction by meeting their needs directly from feedback collected in salons. All Mashup products are developed and tested in Italy and are up to high professional haircare standards.Hairdressers can use any of the Mashup products and mix them to create unique haircare solutions and target individual client needs in the best possible way.

The inspiration for Mashup products comes from the urban vibe, the city streets and the people being active in their daily lives, their dressing and the context of their lifestyles. Therefore, Mashup is a trend follower and a brand that shapes future trends by observing people and noticing style shifts in their natural busy environment.

Mashup Haircare Products

If you are a professional hairstylist interested in meeting specific client needs, you will find a unique solution in Mashup numerated products. Each product is numerated according to the solution area and carries a number that will make it easily recognisable so that you quickly identify your favourites among:
  • Masks and serums
  • Mashup Daily Conditioner
  • Specific care products for scalp regeneration and revitalisation
  • Finishing and styling products with various textures - spray, wax, gum, paste, and gel
  • Linea Mare for sun protection
  • Shampoo, regular and bulk-sized, and colouring shampoo

Along with the haircare lines for cleansing, colouring, styling, and finishing, Mashup creates hair accessories, as well, including hairbrushes and styling irons. Pay special attention to the product combinations offered by the brand to tackle specific hair issues.

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